DIY Fairy Gardens for Kids and Adults

Create magical DIY fairy gardens with these 25+ unique ideas! Unleash your imagination with enchanting designs and eco-friendly materials.

DIY Fairy Gardens

Welcome to the enchanting world of DIY fairy gardens, where magic and imagination come to oife! If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a whimsical wonderland in your backyard or bringing a touch of fairy tale charm to your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Everyone loves fairy gardens these days, and I get it 100%. They’re pretty cute and easy to put together.

But where did fairy gardens come from? And what do they symbolize?

I wondered this myself. Apparently they’ve been around for centuries in European countries, where they are well documented:

“Fairy folklore was and still is used in many places to explain the unexplainable, weather changes, health changes, and unusual natural phenomena.”

Fifth Season Gardening

I guess what I’m saying is, anything that happens outdoors? Or in your life? That’s why it’s great to have one of these gardens around. You can blame it on the fairies!

making a fairy garden

Both kids and adults love making them, when it comes down to it. They’re very calming and mindful both to put together and to look at. You can use real plants also, so they become a way to cultivate a small garden (and teach kids to as well).

There are a variety of ways to make a fairy garden, and a variety of styles (teacup, terrarium, etc) – I’m going to show you a bunch of options in this post.

And that’s the thing: options. One of the most appealing aspects of DIY fairy gardens is their versatility. They can be crafted in a variety of sizes and styles, making them the perfect addition to any space – indoors or out.

From miniature container gardens to larger outdoor planting beds, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a fairy garden that reflects your personal tastes and preferences.

But don’t be fooled by their small size. They require plenty of creativity, attention to detail, and even patience (if you decide to make your own fairy garden accessories).

fairy garden broken pots

Here’s my advice to you on making your own fairy garden. First, get inspired by the ideas below. Then, treat it as an adventure! I usually start with my gnomes and then decide what adventure they want to have.

Do they want to go to the forest? The beach? What do they want to see while they’re there? It’s fun to tell the story, and select the plants and materials that go along with. Children love it too!

As you embark on your DIY fairy garden journey, remember that the most important ingredient is your imagination. As you watch your garden come to life, you’ll discover that the true magic lies not only in the final creation, but in the journey you took to get there!

If you’re ready to dive into the magical world of fairy gardens, take a peek at the list below. Then let me know your favorites in the comments! Do you have any tips for making a garden of your own? Let me know those as well. Happy crafting!

DIY Fairy Gardens

Both kids and adults will love these fairy garden ideas! Get a variety of creation options below.


Four Step Fairy Garden

Want to learn how to make a fairy garden the easy way? This DIY fairy house uses clay pots and takes only four steps! Click for the how-to.


Mini Beach Oasis

Create your own beach fairy garden and bring a sense of seaside enchantment to your home or outdoor space. It’s so easy to put together!


Broken Pots

Photo Credit: Angie Holden

No need to throw broken pots away! Turn them into a cool garden with a staircase and a pool on the second level.


Spring Fairy Garden Wreath

If you want to decorate with your garden, this wreath is the perfect way to do it. You've got mushrooms, gnomes, a door . . everything you need for spring decor.


Birthday Party

Photo Credit:

These cute and colorful gardens were done as a birthday party activity! They use a variety of craft supplies as well as recycled materials. I love the results!


Tiny Teacup

Photo Credit:

A garden - in a teacup? It seems so "smoll," but it works! This is a cute idea for Mother's Day or just for desk inspiration.


How to Make a Fairy Garden Terrarium

Photo Credit:

This is a great idea if you'd like your garden to be portable! Also it's perfect if you'd like to use terrarium plants and have the system be self sustaining.


Circus Theme

Do fairy gardens need real fairies? Not necessarily! This one includes a clown, ferris wheel, and flag bunting.


Make a Magical Desktop Fairy Garden

Create a desktop garden with gnomes, woodland animals, and other forest accessories. Customize with glitter and embellishments. Perfect for remote workers!


Halloween Fairy Garden with Terra Cotta Pots

Learn how to make the cutest Halloween fairy garden with terra cotta pots and acrylic paint! Add ghosts, pumpkins, skulls, grave markers, and other decorations of your choice.


Gypsy Caravan

Photo Credit:

I just about died when I found out this was made out of a lunchbox! It's the perfect place for your wandering little gnomes to find solace before they move onto the next destination.


Fairy Garden Table

Photo Credit:

This table is a never-ending project for the kids this summer! This space provides: 1) plenty of inspiration for imaginative playtime fun; 2) learning opportunities about various plants, and 3) fresh herbs for summer recipes.


DIY Fairy Garden Night Light

Photo Credit:

Bring a spark of joy and magic to any space with this garden. You can make it with your kiddos and use it as an actual night light for their rooms!

PS - don't forget to check out our mason jar nightlights too.


Spooky Pumpkin Terrarium

Photo Credit:

Learn how to make a spooky pumpkin terrarium for your Halloween decorating! Perfect for adding gnomes and fairies as well as any other holiday touches.


Fairy House With Twigs and Moss

If you're looking to make a garden that's a bit more natural, this little fairy house uses twigs, moss, acorns, and many other natural materials.


Terra Cotta Pots

I showed you one option for clay pots at the beginning of this post - this is another version! I love the natural elements including stones and moss.


Radio Flyer

Photo Credit:

Not sure what to do with an old wagon? A fairy garden is a great idea! It's the perfect size, can stay outdoors, and you can move it around as needed.


Clock with a Swing

Photo Credit:

What I love about this garden is that it just goes to show you - don't discount ANY container you find! Even if it was originally a home decor item. If it can hold dirt, it can be a perfect vessel for your fairy garden.


Dollar Store Fairy Garden Play Set

Photo Credit:

Not everyone wants to make a garden with plants! If you have very small children, you might want an option that's more like a sensory bin. This is that great option, using Dollar Tree supplies.


Go Vertical

Photo Credit:

Take your whimsical garden vertical with this natural setting, complete with an actual fairy garden and swimming hole.


Prince and Princess

Photo Credit:

Craft a dreamy fairy garden with your kids! Follow this delightful guide for a fun, affordable, and creative bonding experience.


Dinosaur Garden

Photo Credit:

Remember Land of the Lost? That's what these darling, prehistoric garden reminds me of! Perfect for kids that love dinos.


Autumn Pumpkins

Photo Credit:

Fairy gardens aren't just for summer. They can be maintained all year! I love this version with a pumpkin house.


Garden with a Gate

Photo Credit: Lucy Atkins

Make a beautiful garden with charming painted rocks and a sweet little arch for visitors to walk underneath.


Popsicle Sticks

Photo Credit:

Create a simple indoor garden for succulents with this cute terrarium. Most of the materials can be found in your yard or craft stash, including the popsicle sticks! I love how they were used to make signage, doors, and a bench.


Log Cabin Fairy House with Twigs

Photo Credit:

Different types of fairies and gnomes require different styles of lodging! Learn how to make a twig themed log cabin with this tutorial.


Fairy Farm

This is the "Green Acres" of fairy garden dwelling! Complete with a tractor, barn, weather vane, and hay bale.


Plastic Bottle Fairy House

Photo Credit:

We love crafting with plastic bottles around here! You can use grout and pebbles along with natural materials to make a safe spot for gnomes and fairies.


Enchanted Fairy House Planter

This is a fun fairy garden that isn't too hard to maintain - because the house itself is an actual planter.


How to Protect your Outdoor Fairy Garden

If you’ve spent time on your outdoor fairy garden, you’ll probably want to protect it from the elements! Here’s my secret for making it last.

If you enjoyed these DIY fairy garden ideas, I’d love for you to let me know in the comments! Then check out these other posts:

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