DIY Lego Table Ideas with Loads of Storage

Do you have Lego building enthusiasts in your house and need a dedicated space to play and store all those bricks? Previously, we looked at various bedroom Lego storage ideas as part of our shared boys bedroom makeover.   Adding on to that, we have tons of simple Lego table ideas to share with you, so you can easily put together your own Lego table with storage.

How To Make A Simple Lego Table

Amazingly, building your own Lego table from scratch can be pretty easy!  All you need is a table suitable for your kids to work at and Lego base plates.  Bonus, if you want Lego table ideas with storage!

Here are 3 options for your DIY Lego table… 

1.  Buy A Side Table & Add Base Plates

This is an inexpensive and easy way to make your own Lego table with storage.

IKEA Lack LEGO Table Hack

Ok, you are not keen on going completely DIY and are interested in a few short cuts.  The Ikea Lack range is a great starting point for building a simple DIY Lego table.  It comes in several styles and sizes, and is so affordable!

All you need is an IKEA Lack table + glue + 4 base plates!

DIY lego table with an Ikea Lack Table
Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

The IKEA Trofast storage combination with boxes is also really popular as a DIY Lego table.

In this example below 4 IKEA Trofast storage units have been joined together to provide heaps of Lego storage as well as the ultimate table area to play on. 

A 5 by 5 foot piece of plywood was attached to the top and a wood trim added to the edges to stop any Lego pieces falling off.  Smart idea!

This homemade Lego table below also uses the IKEA Trofast storage units. Several are joined together with a large piece of plywood place over the top. The ultimate Lego building set up!!

Other ideas for a DIY Lego table, included storage cubes, side tables, or kids’ play table.  Even better if it already comes with inbuilt storage!

Image via Pinterest
diy lego table using a side table
Image via becca_kaye_ Instagram

2. Make A Custom Lego Table

Here are several ideas for building your own custom Lego table completely from scratch. 

Anna White has free plans for this kids’ art and craft table with storage shelves attached.  While it’s intended purpose is for drawing and colouring in types of activities, I could easily see it as a DIY Lego table. 

The shelves provide storage for the kids Lego collection, as well as Lego display.   All you need to do is cut your Lego base plates to size and attach to the top.

Also check out our Lego Minifigure Display Ideas!

Image via Ana White

Jamison aka the Rogue Engineer has free plans available to construct this large Lego table below.  It offers heaps of space and a small amount of storage in the middle with an attached basket.

Image via Rogue Engineer

3. Go Thrifting!

Brenda from Sweet Paper Treats, bought this second hand coffee table below for $20 and then spray painted it red to make a DIY Lego table for her son’s growing collection. 

I love her idea for using command strips to attach velcro to the top of the table, rather than having to permanently glue down the Lego base plates.  Bonus, the existing side drawer provides storage for some of the Lego pieces.

Another great lego table idea is to repurpose an old side table or bedside table similar to the one below.  Paint in your child’s favorite colors for a fun way to organise their Lego in their bedroom or playroom.

Image via Pinterest

What about repurposing a train table into a Lego table?  This conversion by Jenae of I Can Teach My Child uses an Imaginarium train table they already had. 

Cut a piece of board to fit over the original top and then glue on the base plates.  A side drawer provides some built in storage.

Here’s another great example of a train table come Lego table with extra storage underneath.

Image via Geek Parents

How Do You Glue Lego Plates To A Table?

First choose your table (see the options above), Lego base plates and a strong adhesive glue.

Add glue to the back of the base plate and fix to your surface.  Allow to dry and then your Lego table is ready to use for play!

Handy Tip:  Remember to leave a small gap between joining plates when gluing your base plates down for the Lego pieces to fit properly.

Now picture, very excited and happy kids!

 For LEGO Bricks – Base Plates

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