DIY No Sew Sock Penguin

This DIY no-sew sock penguin by Crafty not Shifty on YouTube is an easy and simple holiday craft to make for Christmas gifts or decor. It’s an inexpensive project to do and it does not require a sewing machine. I think no-sew projects are fun to do because they are quick. Also, it would be a great holiday project to work on with your family, friends, and kids. There are many ways to dress this penguin up such as giving it some clothes or a different colored beanie and scarf. It’s cool to see that there are many ways to use a sock without having to throw it out.


  • soft Toy Filling 
  • tall glass cup
  • assorted felt sheets
  • clear rubber hair bands 
  • black and white googly eyes
  • Multi Liquid Glue
  • black socks
  • color or pattern socks
  • scissors


First, take the black sock and put it over the tall glass cup like a sleeve so you can fill up the inside of the sock with filling. Then, take a clear rubber band to tie and close the top of the sock. Section off the top third of the penguin and use another rubber band to create the penguin’s head. Cut out white felt paper for the outline of the penguin.

DIY No Sew Sock Penguin - DIY No Sew Projects - DIY Sock
Image by Crafty not Shifty via YouTube

Next, continue to watch Crafty not Shifty on YouTube for full instructions and details. Use another sock for the hat and scarf. Add googly eyes and use yellow felt paper for the penguin’s nose.

How To Make A Sock Penguin - DIY Penguin - Easy and Fun Holiday Crafts
Image by Crafty not Shifty via YouTube

Overall, I think sock DIYs are fun to make and it’s a great way to upcycle those socks you might have in the house that you’re missing the other pair. I have a specific bag in my house with missing pairs, and now I can use that for cute projects like these.

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