DIY Paper Mache Charcuterie Letters

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Turn giant paper mache letters into a clever charcuterie board for Mother’s Day.

charcuterie letters

Today’s project is so much fun. We’re going to turn paper mache letters into a super cute charcuterie board!

I decided to make mine for Mother’s Day, but think of all the possibilities… spell out DAD or LOVE or JOY or the bride and groom’s initials… there are a thousand different ways you could personalize this and that’s what makes it such a cool idea!

To make your own letter charcuterie board, you will need the following supplies:

large paper mache letters from hobby lobby

Materials Needed


Step 1: Use the utility knife to cut all around the top edge of each letter. Go slowly and please be careful not to cut yourself!

Step 2: Once the top piece is free, remove it, then remove all of the squiggly spacer pieces inside the box.

cutting apart paper mache letters

Step 3: Trim any ragged edges and don’t forget to remove the price stickers.

Step 4: Line the letters with wax paper. This makes the project food-safe and protects the cardboard from getting soggy or greasy.

Step 5: Fill the letters up with all of your favorite meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, nuts, etc.

I found a few really yummy charcuterie board additions at Hobby Lobby. They have an entire section of nonperishable foods that are geared towards gift baskets and charcuterie boards and there were some really unique specialty items. The lemon straws were quite delectable if I do say so myself.

charcuterie DIY letters

I added faux flowers around my letters as decoration to make it feel extra special. Talk about a party spread! This was a huge hit with the whole family. My mom especially loved it and I think it may need to become a yearly tradition.


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