DIY Phone Cases, Sleeves, Purses and More!

Tired of your old phone case and looking for something unique? Here you’ll find fun ways to create your own DIY phone case, plus some cool DIY ways to carry your phone!

diy phone cases sleeves and purses

A cellphone case is a must-have for keeping your phone intact. If you’ve ever dropped your phone without a case, you know the feeling of horror that brings your heart into your throat! Of course, a phone case is not only functional, it can be a reflection of your personality. That is why there are so many you can purchase.

If you are like me, you’ve probably spent tons of time searching for a new case on Amazon only to find that none of the hundreds of cases is the perfect one for you. That is probably why you are here! You know I turn to DIY when I can’t find exactly what I want. I’ve checked all over for the best DIY phone cases and think I’ve narrowed it down with this list. In addition to cases, I’ve included some phone sleeves, purses and straps to make carrying your phone a bit easier.

DIY Phone Cases

Here are some ways to make an old case look like new, a clear case look more fashionable or create a whole new case! Plus get some DIY ways to carry your phone.


Embroidered Case

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Create any embroidered design you like with this case tutorial! Perfect phone case for anyone who likes cross stitch or embroidery.


Pineapple Phone Case

Photo Credit: FimoKawaiiEmotions (screenshot from video)

This video shows you how easy it is to make your own silicone phone case! You just need 2 ingredients


Tapestry Case

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Use up some scrap tapestry fabric and embroidery thread to make this fun case. I love a good scrap fabric craft!


Glitter Phone Case

Make a DIY phone case with glitter and Mod Podge in four easy steps! Make several glitter phone cases – one for yourself and some for your friends. They’re great for gifts!


Teddy Bear Smartphone Case

Photo Credit: C CHANNEL Art&Study DIY Crafts Handmade (screenshot of video)

How adorable is this? You won't believe what was used to make this teddy bear phone case... a glove! It even has a slot for a card and arms that close with magnets.


Wood and Resin

Photo Credit: Jacian12

This beautiful phone case started as a blank sublimation phone case. Then a wood and resin block was cast and cut to the correct size to fit!


90s Phone Cases

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These 90s-inspired phone cases start with a clear case. Get the free printable to make your own and feel like Cher from Clueless!


Marbled Phone Case

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This DIY phone case tutorial uses nail polish to create a marbleized look on a white phone case.


Faux Leopard

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Find out how to cover an old phone case with faux leopard fur. You can use this same process to add any fabric to a case!


Perler Beads

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Create any design you like with this Perler bead phone case tutorial. With all of the Perler bead designs I have over at my DIY Candy blog, you will have a tough time deciding what to make!


Pressed Flowers

Photo Credit: Clare McGibbon

Add your favorite flowers to a plain phone case by pressing them and covering them with resin. You know I like pressed flower crafts!



Photo Credit: Mrwhosetheboss (screenshot from video)

Use cardboard to make your own phone case. Check out the video to get the tutorial and see a drop test!


Painted Cell Phone Case

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Create this cool abstract gradient cell phone case using tape and acrylic paint. I love this look!


Bejeweled Case

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Create a phone case with a ton of bling! These bejeweled beauties were made using dollar store jewelry pieces.


Foil Striped iPhone Case

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Add a bit of interest to your clear or solid color phone case using metallic foil washi tape. This isn't a permanent change, but that means you get to switch it up whenever you like!


Floral Tattoo

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A super easy DIY phone case! Just add temporary tattoos to a clear case and seal with a couple coats of Mod Podge.


Neon Hearts

Make your phone case get noticed with this neon heart buttons and glitter case. Don't worry about the glitter coming off, of course you cover it with Mod Podge!


Customized Vinyl Phone Case

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Use your Cricut or other cutting machine to customize a plain, one-color case. The possibilities are endless!


Paint Chip Phone Case

I love how easy it is to customize this phone case. You can easily switch it up whenever you want!

Create a fun way to carry your phone

Here are some DIY ideas for phone sleeves, purses and more!


DIY iPhone Case with Chain Strap

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This tutorial shows you how to cover an existing case with scrap leather and a crisscross of chains. Plus, She shows you how to attach a chain to it so you can wear it like a purse! The tassel is optional, but does look pretty cute.


Ice Pop or Ice Cream Sandwich?

Photo Credit: straightstitchsociety

Who could choose between these options? I think I'd have to sew up one of each of these and just switch them out daily!


Felt Owl Mobile Phone Sleeve

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This would be a great craft for your tween or teen to make! It just involves felt, hand sewing and velcro. Who, who, who wouldn't love this owl case?


Leather Phone Sleeve

Photo Credit: Matt Makes

Create your own leather case complete with a stamped image! This tutorial shows you how to do a process called "wet forming".


Phone Wristlet

Wristlets are great for carrying your phone, some cards and money. See how you can make one of your own!


Phone Purse

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No pockets for your phone? Make this mini purse that would look great with any outfit!


Crochet iPhone Case

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This crochet phone case was made for an iPhone, but you can adjust it to fit any phone you like! Get the free pattern here.


Knit Minion Phone Sleeve

Fan of Minions? You should definitely make this phone sleeve! Get the free knitting pattern on this site.


Strawberry Fabric Case

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Use a carabiner to attach this cute strawberry-themed fabric phone case to your purse or backpack! Don't like strawberries? Just choose the fabric you want.


Splash Proof

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Taking your phone to the pool or beach? Create one of these splash proof cases! Looks much better than putting it in a sandwich bag.


Phone Case Strap

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This tutorial is a bit different from the rest. You start with a phone case you like and then add an acrylic chain strap to it!

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