DIY St Patricks Day Wreath

I was told growing up that I was part Irish so St.Patrick's Day always held a special place in my heart. I would decorate and create fun green & rainbow treats for my kids. Once I did the Ancestry DNA test, I found out I had much more Scottish than Irish, but it doesn't stop me from happily celebrating this holiday. This year I decided to create a DIY St. Patrick's Day wreath for my mantel. I couldn't decide which idea I liked the most so I made three versions of this festive wreath.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Rainbows are so happy! Even if they don't actually have a pots of gold at the end, I have always loved how bright & fun they are. Hopefully these cheerful decorations will bring you a bit of luck!

Craft Supplies:

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*Rainbow Yarn or String
*Wire Wreath Forms
*Glue Gun
*Your Choice of Embellishments

I ordered a pack of rainbow yarn on Amazon. The idea was to wrap it around the wreath form. I used a wire form, but any form (foam, wire, grapevine, etc) would work. This is the same type of wire frame I used for my Valentine's Day wreath.

I measured the circumference of the form which was about 36" and divided that by how many colors I was going to use. That way I knew how big each color section needed to be. I hot glued the end of the string the the back of the wreath form and then started wrapping it around and around.

When one color was done, I hot glued the end to the back and started the process again with the next color.

When I got to the wires that held the form together, (the wires stuck out more than the rest of the wreath) I added a dot of hot glue on them so the yarn would stick to them and hide them.

The process is easy, fairly quick, and oddly soothing.

Once the wreath was completely wrapped in yard, it was time to embellish it! I couldn't decide between a "lucky" banner, a pot of gold, or a shamrock, so I made each them!

They are all made out of vinyl because that is what I had on hand, but you can buy wood cutouts at a craft store (and Amazon), make them from craft paper, or a piece of fabric. Another Idea I had was to add a little cloud. A leprechaun hat, Four leaf clovers, or Gold coins grouped together would be cute too. No matter how you choose to embellish it, this rainbow wreath will be a bright spot in your St. Patty's Day decor!

Shamrock Wreath

The shamrock shape looks so cute hanging in the center of the wreath! Vinyl worked in a pinch, but a felt shamrock or a green glitter shamrocks would have been cute too! I used some gold ribbon but green ribbon or burlap ribbons would work too.

Lucky Banner Wreath

I lucked out and had gold vinyl on hand. The sparkly gold really is a fun detail! It was iron on vinyl and I ironed it onto scrap white fabric.

Pot of Gold Wreath

A St. Patrick's day rainbow just isn't complete without a pot of gold. In order to give depth, I cut out circles from the iron on vinyl and out of the gold circle garland. There were three different sheens and I really like how it turned out.

The greenhouse I help out at had these real green shamrocks plants. I brought one home because I knew it would be perfect for the mantel so I put it in this cute white plant pot.

Whether you place this above your mantel like me, or on your front door, this is a cheerful way to celebrate the holiday.

I know this isn't a holiday everyone decorates for, so I am curious, do you have St. Patrick's Day decorations?