DIY Wood Wall Art for Unique Home Decor

Love the feeling of making something yourself? Create custom decor for your home with one of these DIY wood wall art projects.

DIY Wood Wall Art

There’s something awesome about making a substantial piece of decor for your home. Whether it be something for the wall, to sit on a mantel or table . . . I just love making my own decorations. Especially out of wood! And nothing gives that substantial feel to your decor like wood wall art.

Wood Wall Art

Learn how to make wood wall art to accent your home decor! You'll love having a unique piece to hang on your wall - and these 40 projects are all relatively easy with basic crafting and DIY skills.


Modern DIY Wooden Wall Art the Easy Way

Add a pop of color to your home with this simple modern, wooden wall art. Learn how to make it with scrap wood using this tutorial.


Easy DIY Wood Wall Art

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Zoe and her husband made this wall art using wood after being inspired by a Pottery Barn find! It turns out this make a great gift for an in-law - and we know those aren't always necessarily easy to find.


DIY Camping Slat Sign

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Using a slat sign and some vinyl letters, you can make this unique "the mountains are calling" sign decor for any room in your house. I love the combination of white with the gel stain.


DIY Wood Sign in Three Steps

If you have some scraps laying around, this DIY wood sign is the perfect home decor item to make with them. So easy to personalize! Great for rustic or farmhouse decor.


Create Your Own DIY Wood Wall Art

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Do you love filling your walls with colorful art that brings life to your space? Then you're going to love this wood wall art using square dowels. It's about as easy as it gets, using basic tools and paint.


DIY Wood Wall Art From Plywood Scraps

Photo Credit: Vineta Jackson

This DIY wood wall art is easy to make with scrap plywood! This design mimics the pattern on a stenciled tile floor, bringing the whole look together.


Make Thankful Wood Wall Art

Use this simple tutorial to make thankful wall art that you can keep up all year! This Thanksgiving sign is easy to create and can be customized.


Forever and Always Wall Art Decor

Add this easy "forever and always" wall art to an existing gallery wall - it's simple yet makes a big statement! Customize in any color.


Mid-Century Inspired Wooden Layered Wall Art

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This DIY wood wall art is great for scraps! Inspired by mid-century modern design, you can duplicate this design with some wood scraps and paint. You won't believe how easy it is!


Easy DIY Wood Grain Painting

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The goal of this design on plywood was to emphasize the grain! I love not only how simple this wall art is, but also the color combinations that make up the painted grain. This is a true statement piece.


Farmhouse Thanksgiving Sign with Rustic Style

This blessed and grateful DIY Thanksgiving wood sign is a perfect compliment to your holiday decor. It’s very EASY to make – great for farmhouse or rustic style!


Scrap Wood Wall Art

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Make your own DIY wood wall art from scrap lumber and get a high-end, art gallery look for just a few dollars! This project is easily customizable for any space.


DIY Wood and Wire Wall Art

Photo Credit: Anika Gandhi

Learn to make this creative and stunning DIY wood wall art using gold wire. It’s like embroidery on wood with a feather design - and so easy to make.


Wooden Wall Art with Veneer Edge Banding

Photo Credit: Jen Woodhouse

There are so many things at the hardware store that can be used for other than their original intention. That's exactly what Jen has done with veneer edge banding! I love how it looks woven as wall art. You're going to move her tutorial.


Reclaimed Wood Skyline Artwork

Photo Credit: Gail Wilson

Do you love your city? If so, this wood skyline is the perfect piece of wall art! Gail made it out of fence boards, which is genius. I want to make one of my own. I wonder which city I should choose?


DIY Scrap Wood Diamond Wall Art

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For this project, Sam challenged herself to use some leftover plywood and reclaimed pallet wood to create an adorable set of diamond shape wood wall art pieces. I love the results, and can think of many ways to customize to make it my own.


Wood Shim Wall Art

Do you have a large craft paint collection like I do? If so I've got a way for you to use a bunch of the colors! Monica made this unique wall art using paint and long shims. So modern and cool.


Ready to Roll Camper Wood Pallet Art

Share your love of travel with this unique "ready to roll" camper wood pallet art! It didn't cost us much to make - the pallets were free.


Wooden Mosaic Wall Art DIY

Photo Credit: Making Nice in the Midwest

Mandi was inspired to make this wall art by some wood mosaic tiles she saw! She used 2" wood blocks along with a rigid board and some stains to make this unique wall art. I love the results!


DIY Scroll Saw Mountain Art

Photo Credit: Sarah Fogle

Sarah's inspiration for this project was vintage park poster, and the end result is super cool! I love the layers in her wood wall art, the mountain shape of course, and the colors.


DIY Wooden Aztec Wall Art

Photo Credit: Katie Cleveland

Katie was inspired by southwest style to make this unique wood wall art - and I love it! You'll need a miter saw, but all the cuts are straight. If you know how to use basic tools, you'll easily be able to make this.


DIY Reclaimed Barn Wood Art

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Barnwood has a special texture to it that I really love! It makes decor pieces look more rustic or vintage, but this particular wall art has a modern and colorful twist.


How to Turn Scrap Wood into Art

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Learn how to make carved wood wall art from scrap boards! This project is very easy, takes under 4 hours, and costs less than $25.


DIY Half Circle Wall Art

Photo Credit: Jennifer Guzzi

Wall art has the potential to entirely transform a room. Art is also personal, tough for the average person to commit to . . . and can be very intimidating. Jennifer will show you a super fun way to add some character to a room with just a sheet of plywood!


Salvaged Wood Art

This is the perfect piece to make with scrap wood! The thickness doesn't matter - nor the size . . . you'll fit them all together and then paint to make a stunning piece of art.


Geometric DIY Wood Wall Art

Plywood never looked so good! I love that Amanda used plywood and pine boards to make some very simple yet stunning wall art. It's very easy to do if you know how to use a saw.


Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Wall Art

Photo Credit: Rachel Smith

Get your instagrams printed out and turn them into wall art with the help of some paint and wood blocks! You'll use decoupage medium to attach the photos.


Wood Burning Wall Plaque

If you've never tried woodburning before, this is a great place to start! Make monogram wood wall art using a wood burning tool. This post shows you everything you need to know.


How to Make Your Own Wood Slice Backdrop

Photo Credit: Grey Luster Girl

As you are pruning your trees back this spring, gather up the branches to make this wood slice backdrop! It's perfect for decor anywhere in your home, but especially as wood slice wall art. I love it just above the fireplace, don't you?


Large-Scale Wood Wall Art on a Budget

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Sometimes you need a piece that really makes a statement - this wood art is that piece! Melanie picked out five different sized boards at the hardware store as well as five colors of paint to make her mural.


Build a Huge Wall Chalkboard

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You know what d


This Scrap Wood Art Tells Your Family Story

Photo Credit: David Cheaney

Tell your story with this unique scrap wood art! David used his favorite graphics from places he’s lived over the years. Very easy to make.


DIY Wood Burned Geometric Wall Art

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If you never tried wood burning, it's pretty awesome. You'll want to give it a go with this project - it's pretty straight forward and you don't even need to worry about burning a complicated design.


Stencilled Pallet Wood Wall Art

Photo Credit: Courtenay Hartford

This wood wall art project is so easy to complete and will instantly bring farmhouse style to your home! The best part is that anyone can make wall art like this using a basic stencil and wood reclaimed from a shipping pallet.


DIY Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art

Photo Credit: Brittni Melhoff

Inspired by an Anthropologie installation she saw, Brittni created a three-dimensional piece of wall art that is easy to install and relatively inexpensive to make (the final budget came in under $50).


World Map Wall Art DIY

Photo Credit: Vanessa Brady

If you have a blank space on your wall, you might be greatly in need of this world map wood wall art! You can customize it with any colors you like, but I really like the combination of black and stain.


Mason Jar String Wood Wall Art

Photo Credit: Mandy Beyeler

The best part about wall art like this is the dimensional aspect! I love Mandy's string art (very simple) along with the faux flowers. She's got a great video tutorial for you so you can make your own.


DIY Scrabble Wood Message Board

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I love using Scrabble tiles in decorating! Karianne used pieces of scrap wood and supplies from the craft store to make this tile message board. It's too cute!


Make Subway Art (No Die Cutter Required!)

Photo Credit: David Cheaney

You don’t need a fancy die cutter to make subway art! David will show you how to get this distressed subway art using your computer and Mod Podge.


Calavera Pallet Art for Dia de los Muertos

This unique calavera (skull) art was made using recycled pallet wood. Perfect for Dia de Los Muertos, but you can keep it up all year!

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