Easiest Way For Organizing Art Supplies

In our household, we love art. Drawing. Coloring. Painting. Crafting. You name it, we probably have that art supply somewhere. I love letting my kids explore different art mediums, like knitting and sewing and oil pastels. Testing out different ways to create things. 

But with all that testing and creating comes a lot of art supplies that need storage. So I am breaking down the easiest way for organizing art supplies for the entire family.

organizing art supplies is easy with Iris brand containers!

Step One

Before you can do any organizing, you have to decide what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. 

Which means you have to start with a goal in mind. What is the goal of the art supplies? 

Some of my in-home clients wanted their art supplies to be organized for quiet time activities for their kids. That would determine what things to keep and to get rid of. 

Other clients wanted the art supplies to be used as a creative outlet. So the organization of those supplies will look different.

Maybe you just want a few types of art supplies out. 

Whatever your goal is, use that to decide what supplies you already have that you are going to keep. 

tidying up with kids. learn how to organize your home with young kids so that it will last! #tidying #organizing

Step Two

As you decide which supplies to keep, also look at those craft box kits. If the kids have completed them but have left over parts, decide if you need them. Most kids won’t use those left overs, so you can donate to the children’s school.

Back when I was teaching, I would bring in all sorts of extra supplies for our art teacher. She had the kids make incredible creations with my scraps. Find somewhere to donate those to so someone else can use them in a different way!

tidying up with kids. learn how to organize your home with young kids so that it will last! #tidying #organizing

Step Three

By now, you should only have the art supplies that you are keeping. 

I love using carts to store art supplies. I think it makes it more accessible for the kids to move to where they are. 

To set up the art cart, I teamed up with Kid Made Modern to walk you through our art cart. You can watch the video below.

My Favorite Kids Art Supply Storage Tools

Now you have the skills to organize art supplies, but what about the products to use to set it all up? Below are my favorite products to use for setting up art carts and organizing art supplies.

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