Easy Paper Shamrock Garland With Free Template

shamrock garland

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Shamrock Garland is the perfect way to create homemade decorations for St. Patrick’s Day! This is the perfect DIY activity for kids! 

Are you looking for a super fun way to decorate for St. Patricks’ Day? Instead of buying something at the store, why not make your own decorations right at home? This fun St. Patrick’s Day activity for kids is fast and simple to do and looks really good! You can make and hang this up on your mantle, on the wall, on the doorframe, or anywhere else that the kids want it to go. 

We love being able to craft together and then show off what we’ve made. I’m always amazed at what we can create together and how much fun we have doing it. Making our own holiday-themed crafts is a family tradition that I love. 

shamrock garland

shamrock garland

shamrock garland

shamrock garland

shamrock garland

What is the best way to hang up garland?

This all just depends on where you hang it. Hanging it on your wall means that you’re going to need some tape to have it. I don’t like adding holes to my walls if I don’t have to, so tape always does a great job and does the trick. You can also hang garland on your windows so putting the tape on window seals is great if you’re worried about it tearing or damaging the walls. 

Shamrock Garland – Materials 

  • Colored craft papers
  • Twine or string
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Free Printable (download below in the craft card instructions)

shamrock garland

Fun Fine Motor Activity for Kids 

Not only is this garland activity super fun and easy, but it’s a great activity for the kids, too. Since they’ll be cutting out the shamrocks from the template, this is the perfect way for them to work on their fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination, too. Anything that you can do to get them more cutting practice is always helpful! They might get a bit frustrated at times since the shamrocks are round on the edges, but just give them positive encouragement to keep going! 

Before long, they’ll have the hang of it and cutting out the shamrocks like a pro! 

shamrock garland

shamrock garland


Yield: Shamrock Garland

Shamrock Garland

Shamrock Garland

This Shamrock Garland craft is so much fun. Perfect for making DIY home decorations.



    Pick out green craft papers in various colors. Print and cut out the shamrock patterns.

    Trace the shamrocks onto the craft papers.

    Grab a cutout shamrock and fold it in half so that the sides match. Do this for all the shamrocks.

    (For the 3D shamrock look, you use three shamrock cutouts with two folded in half and 1 plain.)

    Grab two of the folded shamrocks and 1 plain shamrock (not folded). Glue a folder shamrock on any side of the plain shamrock.

    Glue the other folded shamrock onto the other side of the plain shamrock to make the 3D look.

    Make as many as you like. Cut out string or twine and small pieces of paper square in shape.

    Put some glue on the square paper and then put the string onto the stem of the shamrocks. Attach the paper with the glue over the string to hold them together.

    Attach the rest to the twine to make the garland. This makes the back portion of the garland.

    Once dry, hang up on the wall!

© Agnes Hsu

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