Easy Pom Pom Heart Using A Fork

Valentine’s Day is not only about making sweet treats but also time for heart-themed décor. I love making a good DIY craft but sometimes don’t want to go through all that trouble and process to come up with an adorable ornament. That’s why this tutorial by Aachees World is just the perfect DIY for me, it’s so easy to make and I can do a lot of it in just one sitting. I don’t even need much for this tutorial, all I have to use is a fork and a bunch of yarns.


  • Woolen yarn, three different colors
  • Embroidery needle or any needle that could fit a yarn in
  • Bead
  • Fork


Step 1

Cut the woolen yarn at about 4 to 6 inches long, then fold them in half over the middle gap of the fork. Keep on holding both ends down as you then wrap 3 different colors of yarns around the fork in a sideways manner exactly 20 times. Cut the excess yarn, then take one end of the long yarn at the back, bring it over in front and tie it together with the other end of the yarn. This will lock the bunch in place, next you need to remove it from the fork and tie it again over the back this time, cut the ends of the excess yarn. Then, start cutting the looped yarns around to turn them into a small pom-pom.

Easy DIY Yarn Decor Ideas
Image Credit: Aachees World via YouTube

Step 2

Trim around the pom-pom until it is smaller and has tighter fluff, make two more of this using the same process. Insert a yarn on a needle, then insert the needle through the three little pom-poms, pull the yarn upwards and tie it at the top tightly, cut the excess ends of the yarn, then start trimming the sides diagonally to enhance the sides of the heart shape. Trim around until the heart is properly shaped and curved. Insert a needle with yarn through the middle of the heart to the top. Then, insert a bead and tie a knot at the top of the yarn, cut the excess then pull the yarn down until the knot reaches the end of the bead and hide it. Tie a knot at the bottom end of the yarn and cut the excess. Make more of this heart and use other colors as well.

Cheap and Easy DIY Yarn Heart Tutorial
Image Credit: Aachees World via YouTube


*These amazing images are all credited to Aachees World via YouTube. Check his other content and follow for more!

Easy Pom Pom Heart Using A Fork

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