Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Shade Garden

It is nice to see your garden develop with an abundance of plants and trees. It will bring freshness and relax feel. You will notice the shade makes it comfortable to roam the garden without getting afraid of the heat. You can do anything there. It’s such good news, right? But it is not a simple as you guess. Creating a shade garden can be challenging. You have to make sure that you can create an inviting shade garden and avoid boredom. One of the ways that you can do this is by adding color to your garden. There are many items that go perfectly with just enough burst of color. If you still wondering about that idea, here are some of them.

Colorful Furniture

The first thing that you can do to add color to your shade garden is using colorful furniture. Chairs, tables, and even a bench with bright colors serve as focal points. If you are reluctant to paint them in a bright hue, then choose a pattern cushion, pillow, or blanket with multiple colors. Using colorful furniture and patterned cushion, pillow, or blanket will add a cheer vibe to your shade garden.


Adding color to your garden provides the perfect focal point while providing a cheerful garden design. Some of this colorful furniture and colorful hammocks will complete your garden decoration. Add a touch of greenery to make the garden looks fresh and have a natural impression. Colorful chair from avso.


This colorfully painted rattan chair will give a cheerful impression to your garden terrace. Decorations like this will create a sophisticated and stylish garden look. Don’t forget to add blooming flowers in a vase to give a fresh and natural impression to your garden terrace. Colorfully painted rattan chair from avso.


Add spice to the sun terrace with colorful furniture. Choose chairs in different styles of the same color. In addition, colorful floor pillows and some of these colorful ornaments will give a fresh and cheerful impression. Using a wooden deck floor also gives a natural impression to your garden. Colorful wooden chair from avso.


There is nothing wrong with colorful furniture in the garden. The colorful will bring benefit to your shade garden. They can bring a cheerful vibe to avoid boring looks in your garden. To be more durable, you can use plastic material for the garden furniture. Placing the colorful table and chairs in your shade garden will invite more attention to people around you. Colorful plastic furniture from homedit.

Bright Pots

Green is the dominant color of a shade garden. It can go from light green to brownish. Add colors by using colorful pots and containers. Pair them with herbs, succulents, and hosta. Create striking bright pots with vibrant colors, such as yellow, orange, red, and blue.


This simple backyard decoration with colorful pots and birdcages provides an interesting look for you to try. Choose brightly colored flowers that complement the color of the pot. Use acrylic craft paint or spray paint to make inexpensive clay pots in any color you like. This decoration will make a stylish garden and steal people’s attention. Colorful pots and birdcages from countryliving.


You can add these colorful pots to your garden design. Using pop colors and complemented by some greenery and colorful flowers will present a perfect and eye-catching decoration. You can spread out on your garden steps to welcome everyone in the garden. Colorful pots from homebnc.


You can brighten up your container vegetable garden by choosing colorful containers to grow your favorite vegetables and herbs. It will give a pop of color to this attractive garden decor. Choosing red and yellow paint will make a stylish garden. Planting some blooming flowers and greenery will create a fresh garden. Red and yellow potted plants from balconygardenweb.

Eye-Catching Wall

The next way that should be considered is the wall. With a can of paint and a little imagination, you can have a colorful wall. Either one bright tone or multiple colors, you can create a rich background for a dramatic effect. Some homeowners even create an abstract wall that mimics a painting. Another option, you can hang some colorful pots on your wall then you will get alive wall decor. Exposing your wall will inject an interesting thing into your shade garden decor.


This simple but striking hanging basket is paired with delicate flowers and eye-level foliage. Decorations like this will brighten up walls and garden spaces and are perfect for decorating smaller areas. You can make a hanging basket from any container available at home so it will provide low-budget decor. Hanging basket wall planter from balconygardenweb.


Color the cans and hang them on your wooden backyard wall, growing plants in them. Painting with this blue color will give color to your garden walls so that it will steal everyone’s attention. It will make a perfect garden decoration and will give it a stylish look. Hangging blue cans from balconygardenweb.


Don’t throw away used coffee and soup cans. Using a mix of bright and eye-catching colors, this charming metal planter creates playful sketches using pretty flowers. This decor will expose your walls and will inject interest into your shady garden decor. While flowers complete the look and blend nicely with a choice of paint colors, plants can also find a welcome place in this vertical wall garden. Colorful used cans planters from homebnc.

Flowering Plants

Most flowers bloom in a certain season, yet some flowering plants show their color annually. Poppy, Sunflowers, Dahlias Chrysanthemum, and Salvia are just some of them. You can have them in pots or on the ground and create a colorful landscape in your shade garden.


Some sunflowers in this rattan pot will make a cheerful garden decoration that has fresh air. The yellow color of this sunflower will create a bright display and contrast with some of the other greenery. Being placed in the middle of a tea garden will provide an attractive focal point of the garden. Sunflowers from mydesiredhome.


Choosing sunflowers that are planted in pots will present an attractive garden design. Choosing a pot from this old milking machine gives a vintage design to your garden. Placed in the corner of the garden will make a stylish garden design and steal attention. Sunflowers on the garden from mydesiredhome.


Plant clumps of red poppies by the side of the path. To provide the perfect garden design and will welcome you to walk. Choosing flowers in orange, and white will present a cheerful and eye-catching garden design. Planting it in the ground will create a colorful landscape in your shady garden. Poppies plants from gardenista.

Layers of Color

Planning is very important in making a shade garden. Layering some colors can be your option. Choose one or two hues, such as a combination of pink hydrangea and burgundy Japanese maple. You can create just about any color scheme by choosing the right plants.


If your garden has mostly red, yellow, and orange flowers, it is best to accent it with pink hydrangeas to balance the shade from your flowers. It will make up almost any color scheme by choosing the right plants. Combined with terracotta pots and some other greenery will make a stylish decoration and will steal people’s attention. Red, yellow, and orange flowers from homestratosphere.


If you’re using a black or dark barrel vase, it’s best to mix light blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas with a variety of greenery to emphasize the color mix. This can be your choice because its simple design will also provide the perfect room. Light blue, purple, and pink hydrangeas from homestratosphere.

Enhance your shade garden by using the power of color. With a large range of available colors, your garden will be pleasant to look at. These colors will make it far from dull.

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