Felt Pizza Kids Activity + Free Printable Pizza Templates!

I’m sharing how to make a felt pizza, it’s a kids’ activity! This project includes a printable template for the pizza toppings and a printable for the pizza slice. Have fun cutting the project from felt for a toddler craft or if the kids are old enough let them cut it themselves. Play, learn, and have fun making a felt pizza

You might be looking for crafts for kids and activities to do with the kids. I know my daughter is at home, homeschooling for the first time. Are you? You can make this a homeschool project too. Pizza making is fun! So is this an easy idea. Use the felt craft to keep kids busy and learning! And they are done with their felt kid’s craft project you might enjoy making pizza for dinner with the kids! 

Felt Pizza Kids Activity


Make Play Pizza! Kids Activity - templates for pizza, pizza topping and pizza making checklist. Plus, full instructions. DearCreatives.com

I love making felt crafts with the kids and doing kid’s activities with them. This past summer I had my little granddaughter over all by herself for the first time. It was her big first trip to stay with us(they live 5 hours away). I cut out felt pizza topping shapes, felt pizza shapes, and grabbed paper plates and we had a fun time making felt pizzas!

This is a super easy craft for kids (or) you can do the cutting if they are too young. It is easy to cut out the felt food shapes for pizza. Then the kids assemble the pizza onto paper plates. I love it when you can combine arts and crafts. Then even combine this activity with baking a real pizza, for teaching kids. It makes it really fun to see how kids think, play, and learn. 

Make a felt play pizza - felt craft for kids and kids activity - templates included-DearCreatives.com

Kids Activities and Learning Skills That You Can Practice From This Felt Craft 

Practice and Learn 

  1. number recognition
  2. counting
  3. basic fractions
  4. color recognition
  5. color matching 
  6. manual dexterity
  7. cutting skills (with the appropriate kid’s scissors)
  8. thinking outside the box (or should I say pizza box)
  9. creativity 

Or, just have fun making felt pizzas!

You can even coordinate this activity for kids with making pizza for dinner! We have a printable pizza-making ingredient checklist below and other resources. 

Paper plate with felt food cut from felt for making a pizza play pizza - kids activity. Grab the printable pizza toppings template. DearCreatives.com

How To Make Play Pizza From Felt 

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  1. Grab a pack of different colored felt
  2. Get out your kids scissors or adults get out your (small) craft scissors or (regular) craft scissors
  3. Print the (Pizza Topping Template) SUBSCRIBE FOR ACCESS CODE
  4. Print the (Pizza Slice Template) SUBSCRIBE FOR ACCESS CODE (use the same template for making the pizza sauce just cute the shape slightly smaller and round the edges) there is a colored template and a black and white template 
  5. Print the (pizza-making ingredient checklist) template
  6. Cut out the templates 
  7. Put the template onto the felt and then cut the template pattern out 
  8. Lay your felt pizza topping shapes on a paper plate 
  9. Lay your pizzas on another paper plate (s)
  10. Let the kids assemble the felt pizza
  11. Use the felt pizza activity for teaching kids or just for playing. Kids enjoy making pizza from the felt food pieces. 

Can you sew the felt pizza pieces together? Can you sew the felt topping pieces? 

  • This is a no-sew felt project for the kids. But, yes you can sew it. Use the template as a pattern then hand stitch around the edges. See the instructions below for sewing. 

  1. Cut two of each felt piece from the template that is exact matches, and use hand-stitching for attaching the felt pieces with thread or (my preference) embroidery thread.
  2. If you want them stuffed, add a small amount of stuffing sandwiched in between the two pieces, then sew it together.
  3. Start at one end with a knot when starting, go around the piece of felt, meet the two ends together and tie off with a knot. 

Older kids can use this for a beginning hand sewing project too. 

Food shapes cut from felt to make a felt pizza - mushrooms, pepperoni, olives, bell peppers, onions... DearCreatives.com

Here are a few related projects you can try too! Print the pizza-making checklist and have the older kid try reading and checking off items. 

We cut out these felt shapes by hand. We made templates for the pizza toppings and pizza. They are free printables for making the felt pizza. Find instructions and template at DearCreatives.com

Alternatively, you can have the kids cut the pizza templates out and have the kids cut and assemble the pizza activity.

Felt Pizza - Felt Craft For Kids - little girl making pizza with felt - templates for toppings and instructions at DearCreatives.com

Make a coloring activity to match the felt pizza making. Have them draw a pizza and write down the topping they put on them.

making felt pizza - kids activity- © DearCreatives.com

Make a coloring activity to match the felt pizza making. Have them draw a pizza and write down the topping they put on them. It’s a really fun activity and young kids love doing it as there are so many pizza combinations they can make! 

Now that you are done with the felt pizza kids activity; Do you want to pizza with the kids? Below are two helpful checklists. Plus pizza recipes and pizza kits we sourced. Making pizza with kids is fun! 

Printable Pizza Maker Menu (checklist)

Make a pizza ingredient checklist - DearCreatives.coom

  • If you are making homemade pizza for dinner, this is what you will need!

Pizza Making Checklist  

  1. Pizza Dough(kit) Or make Perfect Pizza Crust Recipe 
  2. Pizza Sauce 
  3. Pizza Cheese
  4. Garlic and Onions
  5. Mushrooms 
  6. Pepperoni 
  7. Salami
  8. Olives
  9. Red Bell Peppers
  10. Green Bell Peppers
  11. Tomatoes
  12. Artichoke Hearts
  13. Pineapple 

You will need items 1-4 and then any of the toppings on the list or your favorite toppings! What do you like on your pizza? 

Continue the learning by making pizza for dinner with the kids! 

Need a pizza recipe? 

Kitchen Tools for making pizza at home

Make Play Pizza! Kids Activity -includes free printable templates for pizza, pizza topping and pizza making checklist. Plus, full instructions. Print, cut, play, learn - have fun with the kids today! DearCreatives.com

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  5. This book – Sewing For Kids – 30 Fun Projects To Hand And Machine Sew – (includes a pizza pencil case tutorial). 
  6. PBS.org Peg + Cat Pizza Party (100th Day of School Pizza Party and Kids Activities)
  7. 45 Craft Kits For Kids to keep them busy playing and learning. 

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