Firefly Glow Jars – Glow in the Dark Mason Jars

Check out this creative Firefly Glow Jar Craft! A firefly mason jar that lights up in the dark. This gives you the feel of fireflies in a jar. Now you can, of course, add real fireflies into the jar, or just use the glow in the dark glue. If you do real of course let them out, so they don’t die! 

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Firefly Glow Jars

Growing up catching fireflies was something we loved to do as a kid. Now, this is a way to get that glow in the dark jar, without the fireflies! 

fireflies jarHow Do You Catch Fireflies In A Jar 

Now, if you do let your kids catch fireflies in a jar. Remember to poke holes in the lid and add in a moistened paper towel so the fireflies can breathe. Make sure that you let them out after a short bit so they can fly away. You don’t want to kill the fireflies. 

They are such a fun and creative insect so if you catch, be careful with them so no harm to them happens. 

glow in the dark craft paint What Glue To Use For Glow In The Dark Effect 

I bought this pack fo Glow in the Dark Tulip Paint. You can use other styles of glow in the dark paint. What I loved about this is it is a puffy style paint. So it holds its shape when dotted on the glass. 

mason jar craftWhat Size Jar to Use

Honestly, you can use any size jar you would like. I used a mason jar but feel free to use any jar that has a lid. Or maybe you might find you don’t need a lid. And if that is the case that is okay as well. 

What To Do With Firefly Jar

You can sit these jars on a nightstand, place in your living room to look at, etc. Just allow the paint to charge up in the light, then flip the lights off for a glow in the dark experience. 

It is such fun and if it starts to go dim, just flip the light on, charge up the paint, and repeat. 

When you are all done, you can always peel off the paint dots if you want. We just left them on and then stuck pens or markers inside for a fun desk pen holder.


mason jar kid craft

Firefly Glow Jars

Yield: 1 or more jars
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Estimated Cost: 10

Firefly Glow Jars are a fun glow in the dark mason jar craft. Get the looks of fireflies with glow in the dark paint.


  • Glow in the Dark Paint (Tulip Brand is what we used)
  • Mason Jar


  1. Dot paint onto jar. We did a mix of colors all over the jar. Do as many or as few as you would like.
  2. Wait until fully dry to use. Then turn lights off for a glow in the dark firefly glow jar.


This can be used as a fun art project OR as a pretty jar to put fireflies in. (For a short time before releasing, of course!)

© Heather Schisler
Project Type: craft / Category: DIY
Firefly Glow Jars - Glow in the Dark Mason Jars