Free Printable Fish Bowl Templates

Design and build your own little aquarium with these free printable fish bowl templates and an adorable cut and glue fish bowl worksheet. Download and print these fish bowl printables and let your kids’ imagination run wild!

Free Fish Bowl Templates

My daughter loves One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss, and we did a fun paper plate craft to go along with the book. Then we learned how to fold paper fish out of origami paper and she asked for me to cut out a fish bowl so she can create a little aquarium for her origami fish.

I made these free printable fish bowl templates so you can create fun fish crafts and projects with your kids too! There are three fish bowl outlines to choose from, and all come in small, medium, and large sizes. I also made a cut and glue worksheet with fish, sand, and corals that your kids can color. Then they can decorate their fish bowls with the elements.

Printable Fish Bowl Templates

When I had goldfish, I remember taking forever to pick out a fish bowl. Some have a lip, some have a narrow neck, some have a foot, and some have a rounder belly than others. That’s why I wanted to give you options to choose from for your fish bowl project!

Please keep in mind that these fish bowl templates are for personal and classroom use only. Please do not redistribute the digital files pr printed copies to others without permission. If you have friends who would like the fish bowl templates, I would appreciate you directing them to this post so they can get their own copy!

Large Fish Bowl Template Patterns

These large fish bowl templates are 7.5″ wide. They are versatile and you can use them for any fish bowl projects with your kids. Time to create some origami fish or handprint fish and stick them in the fish bowl!

Large Fish Bowl Template 1
Large Fish Bowl Template 2
Large Fish Bowl Template 3

Medium Fish Bowl Templates

These medium fish bowl printables measure 5″ wide. They are the perfect size fish bowl cutouts if you are using edible Goldfish® crackers for the fish and Cheerios for the bottom of the bowl. Your kids can enjoy some healthy snacks while doing the fish craft!

Medium Fish Bowl Template 1
Medium Fish Bowl Template 2
Medium Fish Bowl Template 3

Small Fish Bowl Outlines

Here are cute little small fish bowl templates that measure 3″ wide. Your preschoolers or kindergarteners can write their names on the fish bowl cutouts and use them as name tags when doing an ocean-themed unit study.

Another idea is to use the fish bowl printables for a simple math exercise. Write the number of fish that should be in the fish bowl and have your kids draw the corresponding number of fish. Alternatively, you can use pom poms or even mini marshmallows to represent the fish and use tweezers to pick them up to practice fine motor skills.

Small Fish Bowl Template 1
Small Fish Bowl Template 2
Small Fish Bowl Template 3

Fish Bowl Cut and Glue Worksheet

This printable cut and glue fish bowl worksheet gives your kids a chance to color and decorate their fish bowls however they like. Simply color the fish, corals, and sand with crayons or markers and cut them out with scissors. Then arrange all the elements inside the fish bowl and glue everything in place.

cut and glue fish bowl worksheet

How to Download the Fish Bowl Templates

Simply fill out the form below to have all the templates emailed to you in one PDF file!

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