Haunted Princesses, Trying to Learn, and Home Improvement

Well, still quarantined. I told the kids to figure out how long we've been in but they have no clue. It makes me wonder how they are even keeping track of assignments. Admittedly, I've stopped checking the PowerSchool app because honestly I give zero fucks at this point. Just pass, kids. Just pass.
We've been trying to go out every day but if it isn't cold it is windy as hell. Yesterday I had to get out of this house so I went and drove around town, twice, and it was so windy and I gave up. I did manage to go to the old house to bring the cans back to the garage which was good because one had blown half way down the alley. 
Things have gotten bad enough that Olivia and Jackson have taken it upon themselves to do an Elf on the Shelf type thing with these Disney Princesses we have. We have like seven of them and they are running around and moving them all day. It has gotten pretty annoying, but Penelope and Lucy are convinced the house is haunted. 
Lucy is trying really hard in "class". She loses attention so quickly though and has a hard time staying focused and I can't help but wonder if she's like this in real school. I can't remember if it was ever mentioned or not but it definitely makes it a challenge. 
Some days Penelope and Lucy get along so well and will hang out together and play so nicely. Other days it all goes to hell and I find myself sitting in my car crying because I need the silence.
So, our room is like 80% finished, I guess? We're in there so there's that. We still have to put trim in, closet doors, and finish out a window,. I feel like it probably is a solid weekend (maybe even a day?) or work. Matt did put in a ceiling light though so that was exciting.
Also exciting is the progress on my craft/office/library room. It is smaller than what I had, and that's sad, but i'll make do. It's going to be fine. I think he's going to finishing sanding and maybe more mud and more sand? I'm not sure but I'm REALLY hoping that by the end of the weekend it'l be painted and ready for carpet! (That little spot that would be a closet is going to be my desk with computer, printer, files, etc.)
He will have to put bookshelves up for me and I have yet to decide how deep I want them to be. I also have to figure out what I'm doing for a craft table, I'm really glad I didn't have the money to commit to something in January because obviously the room I'm working with is different. I'm thinking maybe the same general idea of something in the middle? I did get my paint picked out (which was going to be the kitchen, but it was too bright, but the new paint for the kitchen I forgot and used it in our room and it looks lovely- kitchen is still white- ha!) I still need to figure out a situation for lights (the one you see is a temporary one). Good news though, my DOOR WILL LOCK.

Finally!!!! I have an office that has a door that locks! See ya, family. HA!