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By Neenah Payne

See the trailer for “Follow The Science on Lockdowns and Liberty” — an explosive upcoming documentary.

“This project will have two phases: PHASE ONE will be a 20-30 minute documentary that will focus largely on the data and the personal stories and will likely be released in the Fall of 2021.

PHASE TWO will be a multi-episode docu-series that will build on the material from the shorter version and will spend more time analyzing the causes of the deep division and the implications for the future.  This second-phase, full-length project should be released sometime in the first half of 2022.”

The project was recently featured on the Tom Woods show, and it has garnered attention across social media as fundraising gets underway. So far, over $70,000 has been contributed to the project, revealing an audience just as passionate about viewing this type of documentary as the filmmakers are passionate about making it. The project comprises industry professionals who are committed to creating a first-class documentary highlighting the scientific side and human side of this frightfully underreported story.”

Media Coverage of “Follow The Science” Documentary


Filmmakers Take Aim at Lockdowns in ‘Follow the Science’ Documentary

Sound Mind Creative Group is a collaboration of several professionals in the film world who are passionate about promoting artistic freedom of expression, the importance of individualism, and liberty based on sound, rational thought.

Their latest undertaking is a documentary called Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty. The film plans to highlight scientists such as Nick Hudson from Panda, an organization who questioned sweeping, compulsory measures due to the politicization and manipulation of pandemic data. It will also include healthcare policy advisors like Scott Atlas, who speaks out against the erosion of personal liberties. Finally, it plans to feature individuals and families whose lives were torn apart by privileged authorities who didn’t have to obey the mandates they enacted on citizens.

The trailer is out now. In just a few short minutes, the filmmakers pull you in featuring opposing sides. One side represents the mainstream narrative we’ve all become accustomed to, and the other side represents professionals who’ve risked their careers simply because they question authority due to differing conclusions based on data, research, and experience.

It is easy to see while watching the trailer, this isn’t just a battle of statistics, it’s a battle of opposing philosophies. The trailer concludes by featuring a portion of California business owner Angela Marsden’s emotional video filmed at her restaurant, Pineapple Hill Saloon and Bar. The venue was ordered to shut down even though she had a spacious patio, and a production crew was allowed to set up an outdoor dining area mere feet from her establishment.”

Film Exposes Disastrous Lockdown

The SoundMind Creative Group discusses their Covid-19 documentary project

“A chronicle is necessary to show what was done to the world by the governments of the world and what harms that did.  And, the SoundMind Creative Group is planning to do just that thing.  I spoke with them about the project, what the filmmaker’s craft entails to walk the fine line and what a project like this requires.”

Public Increasingly Rejects Lockdowns, Masks, COVID “Vaccines”

Mounting Public Pushback Forces Public Health Authoritarians’ Retreat

By Jefferey Jaxen

“Chalk up a victory vs. public health tyranny! In the face of massive public resistance, so-called ‘officials’ have retreated from their unscientific and misanthropic propaganda tactic. Another round of record protests across in London (barely acknowledged in corporate media) has served as a bellwether for the surging distaste against several forms of public health Covid edicts.

After more than a year ignoring the data and science to lockdown the world, public health officials have begun reluctantly abandoning many of their heavy-handed tactics. Taking a ‘carrot and stick’ approach, global populations have been continually beaten with a medical stick to force compliance. Yet few doing the ‘beating’ cared to look at history or do a simple cost-benefit analysis to examine the erroneous plan for their populations.

Continued analysis of the data behind lockdowns shows epic failures that have set society back in unimaginable ways. Forcing public health edicts illogically has forever weakened confidence in governmental and global health bodies.

Canadian economist Douglas W. Allen recently published an examination of over 80 Covid-19 studies, taking a critical look at the literature to assess the lockdown Cost vs. Benefits:

‘There are about 45 stringency points from the least stringent country (Russia: 40.28) to the most stringent (Ireland: 84.26). Over this range, moving from the least to most stringent lockdown increases the cumulative deaths per million by 630 deaths. Contrary to the popular understanding, lockdown is not associated with fewer deaths per million, but more.’

Despite the false assertion by public health officials that the limited, available science pointed to lockdowns being the only solution, Allen refutes this, stating:  ‘By August there was enough information available to show that any reasonable cost/benefit analysis would show that lockdown was creating more harm than good. It is unreasonable to suggest that a proper decision could not have been made in the fall when the second wave of infections hit.’

The public is emboldened like never before to both return to normal and disobey public health officials pushing irrational, unscientific orders whose only roots stem from virtue signaling, political jockeying and/or petty power plays. It’s over. And would-be government employees refusing to see the writing on the wall will be voted out of office.

Established in April 2020 and composed by a group of multi-disciplinary professionals, the Pandemics Data & Analytics (or PANDA) organization understands this. PANDA stands for open science, rational debate about replacing flawed science, and for retrieving liberty and prosperity from the clutches of a dystopian ‘new normal’. The organization recently released its 17-page analysis and Declaration for the Protection of Children and Young People. It states:

‘Evidence already shows serious damage to the physical, mental and social wellbeing of children and young people, as well as their educational attainment and future prospects (Lewis et al., 2021). There was never a reason to disrupt the lives of children and young people and there is every reason to restore normality to this population. Policymakers should take immediate action to protect children and young people from further harm and injustice, now and in the future.’

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is facing down a scandal from several directions. First, internal emails revealed the agency relied upon politically motivated actors, rather than science, to craft its school reopening policy. Secondly, the agency’s mask guidance was peppered with confusion and questionable science.

Dr. Michael Yeadon Warns Against Vaccine Passports

Are We Being Set Up for Mass Depopulation?, an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola links to the interview with Michael Yeadon, PhD., former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for 16 years and founder of successful pharma start-up.

The article points out:

“Yeadon has a degree in biochemistry and toxicology and a research-based Ph.D. in respiratory pharmacology. He’s spent 32 years of his career working for large pharmaceutical companies, and 10 years in the biotechnology sector.”

Dr. Yeadon says:

“‘I’m in favor of all modes of new medical treatments, whether they’re biologicals or vaccines, small molecules, creams, sprays, ointments, whatever, but I’m fervently against unsafe medicines or medicines used in an inappropriate context. Some of the things I’m going to say are not favorable to the current crop of gene-based vaccines and it’s [because] they’re being inappropriately used. I don’t think they have a sufficient safety profile to be used as a sort of wide-spectrum public health prophylactic.’ In the interview, which is part of the documentary ‘Planet Lockdown,’1 Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a life science researcher and former vice-president and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer, shares his views on the COVID-19 pandemic.”

In his interview in the Planet Lockdown documentary, Dr. Yeadon explodes the “asymptomatic carrier” myth that has been used to justify the lockdown, social distancing, masks, testing, and contact tracing. Dr. Yeadon explains that understanding the truth about COVID-19 and the destructive, unscientific, unprecedented, failed “health” policies is urgent now and critical to the survival of humanity.

Dr. Yeadon discusses the fallacy of virus “variants” and warns about the dangers of “top-up vaccines” or “booster shots”. He concludes that there are no benign purposes of these unprecedented policies which he believes are designed to cause kill billions of people — a global genocide. Dr. Yeadon points out that the lies have succeeded through the promotion of fear and censorship.

He explains why the “vaccine passports” are especially destructive to our civil liberties. He says there will be no way to recover our freedoms if the vaccine passports are implemented.  He warns that the next few weeks are the last chance to restore our freedoms and protect our lives.

Governor DeSantis: “We Chose Freedom Over Fauci-ism”

‘We chose freedom over Fauci-ism!’ Ron DeSantis slams bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci for lockdowns

Origin of The Disastrous Lockdown

In her Planet Lockdown interview, Pam Popper explains the powerful role each of us plays now based on choices we make to follow orders or to follow the real science. In COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened, and What’s Next, she explains starting on page 171 that the lockdown was based on a 2006 project by a high school student which was later widely criticized and roundly rejected. However, in 2020, lockdowns were imposed in almost every country with predictable devastating effects both to the economies and health of many millions of people.

Help Fund This Important Film Today

We have a short window of opportunity now to restore sanity to the world. This documentary can help. There are only 33 days left in this fundraiser and only 25% of the $300,000 goal has been reached. A film reaches a much wider audience than an article or book and can help turn the tide now. Forward this article to your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and ask them to consider funding this important film. Your contribution now will help get the 20-30 minute film completed. Contribute whatever you are able to afford.

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2020 was an unprecedented year in human history. The advent of SARS-CoV-2 was a catalyst for deep societal division and turmoil, government action unparalleled in the modern liberal world, and the severe disruption of long-accepted norms of human interaction and commerce.

Some of the most profound divisions resulted from divergent interpretations of the data, conflicting beliefs about how risk should be handled on a social level, and contradictory understandings of the appropriate role of governmental institutions in solving crises. These rifts were exacerbated by the politicization of what should have been a purely scientific matter.

The mainstream narrative, professed by the vast majority of politicians and media personalities, largely accepted  – without question –  that disruptive lockdowns and mask mandates were critical tools for solving the crisis of the pandemic.

Those who challenged this conventional wisdom were often mocked, bullied and de-platformed. Those who suggested that there might be better solutions or who warned of dire consequences, potentially even more severe than the virus itself, were shunned and accused of being irrational and heartless.

Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty examines this tension between the mainstream narrative and those challenging it, dives deeply into the data, and tells the stories of lives disrupted and damaged by the sweeping choices that were made, focusing largely on the American landscape.

– Anyone who recognizes that the truth of the pandemic situation may be more nuanced than we have been led to believe by our politicians and pundits will want to support this endeavor.

– Anyone who values a truly scientific, data-driven approach to understanding the pandemic and is skeptical that the public officials have sufficient answers to cavalierly and severely disrupt the lives of individuals around the globe will find this documentary worthy of their donation.

– Anyone who understands that the underpinnings of civilization itself are being threatened, both through the unprecedented use of government force and the suppression of heterodox viewpoints, will want to get behind this project.

Our mission is to get this perspective out into the world in a highly engaging and persuasive format in order to prevent these kinds of invasive and divisive approaches from ever being implemented again.

Making a high-quality, engaging and persuasive series requires talent, resources and time.

Your contribution will help us:

  • hire the right team of skilled professionals (director, producers, editors, composer, etc.)
  • craft high-quality graphics and animations to clearly illustrate the data
  • make a film that truly reaches hearts and minds and influences how people think about these important matters
  • bring the right interview subjects on-board the project to help us make the best case possible
  • go a long way to help us market the finished project so that we can get it in front of as many minds as we can manage

Who We Are

SoundMind Creative Group is comprised of professional filmmakers of all types that share a passionate commitment to:

  • freedom of expression and the uninhibited exchange of ideas
  • a belief in objective reality as well as the essential subjective imagination of the artist
  • an understanding that the scientific method is a process of aiming to understand the world, not settled doctrine
  • the right of every person to live and pursue the best life they can imagine without forceful interference from any person, organization or government
  • the idea that decentralized knowledge and actions create a spontaneous and effective social order that best serves the interests of all individuals
  • an understanding that stories and various forms of self-expression are a critical aspect of human flourishing and an essential tool in understanding and sharing truth

We, the founding members of SoundMind, share decades of frontline entertainment industry experience among us. We have created SoundMind as an umbrella production company for member creatives who wish to retain a level of privacy, allowing them a platform to freely create without fear of harmful pushback from those who may find our shared ideas challenging.

We recognize that Cancel Culture is, sadly, a real phenomenon in today’s world. We vehemently oppose this trend and have established SoundMind as a protective space where member artists of all kinds can share perspectives and ideas that may at times run counter to the mainstream, “acceptable” narrative.

Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty is a SoundMind Creative Group original production. We welcome you to become a supporting member of SoundMind.

TRAILER INFO – Archival Footage Sources: The Late Show, MSNBC, CNBC, Ruptly, The Pandemic Podcast, WPTV, The Rubin Report, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, ABC7, PBS News Hour,, AwakenWithJP, Fox News, The Hill, Kelly Brown, Ian Miller, NBC, CBS New York, ABC20, CNN.

Disclaimer: Natural Blaze and Activist Post are not affiliated with SoundMind Creative Group; this article is presented for informational purposes only. Please conduct your own due diligence before contributing funds to any project.

Neenah Payne writes for Natural Blaze and Activist Post