How to Choose the Perfect Gift

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When it comes to gifts for friends and family for birthdays or special occasions it can be hard to decide what to get, even if you

know a person really well. Sometimes you feel like they don't need anything and you can't add anything to their life with what you

buy. If this story sounds familiar then read on for some motivation and inspiration. 

Generate ideas 

Whether it's a gift for your friend, relative, or partner you want it to be a perfect gift, that is one that speaks to them and fits neatly

with their interests. A perfect gift is one that is on the mark, but how do you achieve this

It doesn't happen by accident, you don't just magic the idea out of the air – although admittedly that does happen sometimes.

It's better to generate the idea using a mindmap. Write the person's name in the centre and start to brainstorm. 

Consider their personality 

The perfect gift for someone is not just one that accords with their interests, it should also speak to who they are as an individual.

The next step on the creative journey is to take some of those abstract ideas and make them more concrete.

If you’re writing that your gift person loves music then the obvious choice is an album, the album you choose will depend on their personality and taste – this is a very personal choice. If they enjoy smoking, get them some quality cigars from a Florida Tobacco Shop

Consider handcrafted gifts 

If you know a person well it could be an excellent opportunity for a handcrafted gift. A handcrafted gift might not be an expensive

choice but it certainly wins in the sentimental stakes. These gifts show that you've been paying attention to your friend or loved

one and you value their company. 

Examples of handcrafted gifts that work well include photo albums of your times together, scrapbooks, and friendship necklaces

and bracelets – these gifts are ones that are truly special. 

Include a letter 

If you want to combine a great gift with the sentimentality of a handcrafted one then consider including a handwritten letter with the

bought item. A handwritten letter is a personal touch that carries meaning and something your friend can keep forever. 

When you craft your handwritten letter, don't make it too long-winded, it will start to lose its effect. The best way to write is to put everything down you want to say and then edit out the bones of it so it's clear, elegant and concise.

Gift an experience 

Often the perfect gift isn't an object but an experience. These days people are moving away from the idea of a gifted object that only

carries so much meaning in favor of an experience that can be lived, photographed, shared, and remembered. 

Gift experiences include things like meals at fancy restaurants, working with animals in some capacity, thrill rides like ballooning or driving, and luxury spa days. These types of gifts are always appreciated and make the perfect gift for many people.