How to Get The Most Out of Your Basement & Attic

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Basements and attics can easily become cluttered or neglected without proper care, especially if they are an unfinished space. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to transform your basement or attic into a functional space, look no further! 

Create a Functional Storage System

Boxes stacked to the ceiling, misplaced decorations, seldom-used clothing – does this sound familiar? Basement and attic storage can be tricky. With unique angles to think about as well as the potential for mildew and mold, it’s often difficult to keep items stored and sorted. Here are a few important considerations and strategies for effective storage in your basement and attic:

Ensure Good Ventilation

A well-ventilated basement will help you avoid perpetually damp conditions. Similarly, a well-ventilated attic prevents the accumulation of dust and allergens. The simple purchase of a home ventilation system might be all you need. For a larger project, you can also install in-roof fans in the attic or a ceiling fan system in your basement. 

Create a Sorting System

To avoid losing track of the items being stored in your attic or basement, it’s useful to have a sorting system. This way, you’ll know where to look when seeking holiday decorations, extra bedding, and various other items. Labels are also very useful in knowing what is being stored in the various boxes and bins in your home.

Invest in a Custom Storage Solution

Without the right kind of storage system, an attic or basement can quickly become a chaotic mess of miscellaneous clutter. A custom storage system is the perfect solution. Personalized to your exact needs, a storage system from More Space Place will help you stay organized and make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. We can create a built-in storage system that is tailored to your unique space, too, and makes use of angles and low ceilings.

Create the Perfect Extra Room

If you are not using your attic or basement for storage, consider creating an extra room! A finished attic or basement is a great way to add additional functionality to your home with a home office, hobby room, and more. We’ve listed a few of our favorite ideas below!

Hobby Room

Both basements and attics can be transformed into a room that suits a variety of hobbies; crafting, reading, gaming, and more. We can help you with this project with custom-designed craft stations, storage, and bookcases.

Home Office

Basements and attics can make excellent home offices. Quiet and secluded, they can be a great conduit for concentration and productivity. Creating a home office in your basement or attic also allows you to create more separation between “work” and “home” life.

At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, we’re experts in custom home office furniture for any space. We would be happy to assist you in transforming your basement or attic into a home office. 

Entertainment Room

Basements can be an excellent space for movies, games, and more. They are often quieter and darker than the rest of the home, making them a great place for home theaters. A basement with a more open floor plan also opens up the opportunity for pinball tables, pool tables, and more. 

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