How To Get Updated Staircase Decorations this Christmas

Updating your home decor over Christmas isn’t that difficult. And almost any place can be decorated with a festive touch. Including your staircase area. You can add Christmas touches to the banister, steps, or the walls. Staircase decorations are a great way to make your home festive during the holiday season. There are several ways that you can do to update your staircase. If you are looking to upgrade your staircase decorations this Christmas, you may want to consider a few different options. For starters, you can add garlands and swags. You can combine them with red ribbons, Christmas balls, and jingle bells. Another option is to hang Christmas stockings on the banister. Adding twinkle lights and ribbon can help to complete the look. You can also place a small Christmas tree on each step. You can also line the steps with flameless candles for a warm and welcoming look. Moreover, you can update the banister with a JOY sign, wreath, and snowflake. You can also use your favorite ornaments for the same purpose. If you are looking for some Christmas staircase decorations, take a look at these ideas below.

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Christmas Ball Garland Display


Do you have Christmas balls with a large and varied number and color choices? If you have it, you can turn it into a garland ornament that is suitable for welcoming Christmas this year. Just string all the Christmas balls with shiny surfaces as a whole so that the garland design you get is longer and bolder. Just attach it to the banister staicase in your house so that it can be seen clearly by all your guests who come to your house. Colorful Christmas Ball Garland from @kirstysfamilyhome

Red and Silver Ornament Staircase


Red and silver are a mix of colors that are quite eye-catching to try on your Christmas decorations this year. Now you can apply these two colors simultaneously to the staircase which is dominated by white so that all the Christmas ornaments that you install are ready to be made as the focal point of the room. The Christmas ornaments that you can try to combine here are Santa Claus hats, red berries which can be found in the backyard, red and silver Christmas balls which have a shiny surface when reflected by the light rays around them. Red and Silver Ornament Staircase Ideas from @willows_attic

Hanging Garland Banister Decor


Garland ornaments are not only used to decorate fireplaces. For now, you can try it on other home decor sections, and one of the right choices is the banister staicase which is made of natural wood. The garland design, which is dominated by a blend of evergreen materials, red berries and long enough star ornaments, is ready to instantly present a rustic feel. A fairly large deer painting can also be hung on a wall that has been repainted in plain white. Garland Banister Decor with Deer Painting from @ourhome138_

Santa Claus Staircase Themed


This fairly large Santa Claus figure is perfected with some of the best Christmas gifts you have prepared. Just arrange these two ornaments neatly right next to your home’s staircase that is in use. Previously, you could repaint the wooden staicase with a choice of pastel colors so that the presence of garland ornaments, hanging stockings and the figure of Santa Claus can be seen more clearly. Decorate the walls of the staircase with some personal photos as memories with loved ones. Santau Claus Staircase Decor from @frivolityathome

Combination of Evergreen and Ribbon Decor


Evergreen and ribbon are a combination of the two ornaments that you can try to decorate your Christmas staircase this year. Just turn both of them into a garland ornament that will never fail to be tried right now. Choose and use a ribbon with a deep red color choice so that it can look quite contrasting when combined with natural evergreens that you can easily find in backyard gardens. Evergreen faux is also more durable when used throughout Christmas, you can try it now in a simple and minimalist manner. Combination of Evergreen and Ribbon Decor from @mygeorgiancolonial

Mix of Fresh and Faux Greenery


These two types of fresh and faux greenery can be combined directly to be used as a garland design that can be hung on the banister of the staircase that you are currently using. Its long enough size is ready to be used as the focal point of the room. This garland design is very suitable for use by any style of room decoration including modern, contemporary or vintage decorations. Red ribbon is a nice finishing touch, you can also apply it to the garland for a more festive and eye-catching look. Mix of Fresh and Faux Greenery from @flowerwalldubai

Festive Look Christmas Balloon Decor


Apart from being able to welcome Christmas with joy, these Christmas balloons which have the shape of candy canes, Christmas balls, stars and snowmen can be attached to the entire staircase railing. These balloon ornaments also come in a variety of different colors to give it a more playful look. This Christmas ball with a combination of red, gold, blue and green gives the best look that is ready to be used as a focal point for the eyes of visiting guests. Just buy all of these Christmas balloons online so that the price can be adjusted to the budget you have. Festive Look Christmas Balloon Decor from @littleballoonbox

Go Minimal


Go with a minimalist Christmas decoration on the staircase in your home. What you can do right now is make a garland with a mix of evergreens and red ribbon so that it has a fairly contrasting color blend. You can install this garland along the stair railing with a neat and orderly arrangement. Just make this garland yourself according to the design you want so that it has a maximum final result and according to what you have in mind. Evergreen Garland with Red Ribbon Accent from @thesmallshouse

Bold Hanging Stockings Ideas


Stockings should not be reserved for the fireplace. Consider hanging them along your stairs with garlands made from evergreens that you can easily get in your backyard garden without having to buy them again. Here you can choose red stockings with the best initials that suit your name or the name of a loved one. Just hang it in the same size to make it look more harmonious, using red stockings makes your staircase decorations more lively and of course a festive look, try this Christmas staircase idea right now. Red Hanging Stockings Ideas from @homebyemma_

Paper Honeycomb Snowflake on Budget


Do you have white paper that you no longer use? If so, then you can use it to make several honeycomb snowflake ornaments with a variety of different sizes. Now you can put it on every different rung. Do not forget that the layer of rugs also adds to the more elegant atmosphere of the staircase and will never fail in any room decoration in any style. White Paper Honeycomb Snowflake from @the_berkshire_bungalow

Hanging Greenery Wreath


Hang these three greenery wreaths on the staicase wall using wire to make them more sturdy and not easy to fall when used throughout Christmas. Try to make it in three different sizes. Consider teaming it up with a white bow as a complementary accent. This way your staicase decoration will look more textured and suitable for trying right now. Hanging Greenery Wreath from @the_decor_society

DIY Staircase Stairs Themed


Stairs are also a choice of ornaments that you can use to decorate your staircase when Christmas arrives. Make this ornament in two to three different sizes. You can make it out of perforated paper so it looks more textured. Just hang it at a variety of different heights for a super eye-catching look. Additional greenery is of course very much needed to add color naturally. DIY Staircase Stairs Themed from @_awkward_peach

Lettering Christmas Staircase


The part of the stairs that is perfected with Christmas-themed writing is a smart idea and a new choice that you can make. Currently you can use red, white and black paint. Everything will work well and maximally. Apart from being a different eye sight, all the guests who visit your house will also be happy to read the writing on the stairs area, you can use fonts that are quite clear and bold. Lettering Christmas Staircase from

Colorful Tissue Floral Hanging


Or another option you can try right now is to turn a tissue paper into some faux flowers that look like they’re blooming beautifully. Previously you could first color the tissue with a mix of orange, pink and white. Any of these colors will work well. Here you can also combine it with string light accents which can make the atmosphere in the surrounding area more. Tissue Floral Hanging Ideas from @halfpaintedhouse

Green Color Scheme Christmas Staircase


When your staircase decoration has been repainted in plain white, it is better to add a Christmas ornament with another color of choice. For example, you can decorate it with a greenery garland that can be installed properly on the banisters. Apart from greenery garlands, you can also put some Christmas balls and mini pine trees on the steps in a neat and orderly arrangement. Just do it yourself on the weekend according to what you expect. Green Color Scheme Christmas Staircase from @myseasonalstyling

Ho Ho Ho Staircase Lighting


HoHoHo lighting arranged along the staircase can be used as a very eye-catching Christmas decoration. Besides being able to be used as a room ornament, its existence can also be used as additional lighting that you can make the best use of. Place it on the side of the staircase so it doesn’t get in your way when going up or down the stairs. Adjust the use of this lighting ornament with the number of steps you have so that they can be arranged more neatly and regularly. Ho Ho Ho Staircase Lighting from @mylongislandhouse

Lush All Green Garland Decor


Keep it classic with a fresh-looking pine needle garland. Cover the staircase railing with this simple garland and make sure it doesn’t hang to the ground. Adding plaids patterned ribbon is the best idea you can try right now. Just get this additional ornament online at a fairly cheap and affordable price, the two materials used will work well together and optimally. Lush All Green Garland Decor from @collectiblebrooks

Classic Festive Staircase Ideas


Here you can start the design of a Christmas garland with a colorful touch. Additional string lights are also really needed so that the staircase decoration still attracts attention at night. The red tint makes the room look more lively and fun. Start by combining Christmas balls, colorful ribbons and fresh evergreens. All of these materials can be assembled into one eye-catching piece, a classic look that will never go out of style. Classic Festive Staircase Ideas from @my_love_of_christmas

Honeycomb Craft Decorations


This golden honeycomb craft, which is made in a variety of different shapes, can be used as an additional ornament that you can hang on the evergreen garland that is installed in the banister area of the staircase. The two Christmas garland materials that are used can be ended with string light accents which keep them looking bright when the atmosphere in the room is getting dark. Evergreen faux might be an option that you can try so it doesn’t wilt easily when used for a long time. Honeycomb Golden Craft Decoration from @paperdreams

JOY Hanging Staircase Design


To add texture and a touch of Christmas to your home’s staircase decoration, adding a JOY sign, wreath and garland is a smart idea that you can do. These two natural ornaments are dominated by the use of evergreens with a luxurious texture. Just make this JOY sign from old metal that is no longer used so it is more useful. Previously you could first clean the iron or stainless steel parts to make it look more shiny. JOY Hanging Staircase Design from @sagelantern

Natural Vibes Christmas Staircase Decor


The easiest way you can do to redecorate the Christmas staircase is to cover the banister with a garland design that is dominated by greenery. The materials used can be found in your backyard garden. Don’t forget to add color and texture, you can combine it with a red ribbon with a choice of satin material that looks luxurious. Hang it firmly so that it doesn’t fall easily when used throughout the Christmas celebration. Natural Vibes Christmas Staircase Decor from @forever_and_always_home

Classic Ribbon Garland


Ribbon plaids which are dominated by bright red colors can be combined directly with the use of evergreens to be used as one of the important ornaments during Christmas celebrations. Garland is one of the best choices that you can try on the staircase railing. Both of them will instantly bring a classic touch, don’t forget to end with the use of string lights that have orange or yellow lighting so they can bring a warm touch to the surrounding area. It doesn’t need to be too long because it has a fairly contrasting color. Classic Ribbon Garland from @stewart_partyof5

Gold Jingle Bells Hanging Ornament


Classic and Christmas nuances can be used simultaneously in staicase decorations in one of the rooms of your house. For example, you can use the appropriate hanging ornaments. Gold jingle bells made of brass are one of the best choices that you can try. Just hang it all over the garland that is used evenly. Its size is large enough to be seen quite clearly when viewed from a considerable distance. Gold Jingle Bells Hanging Ornament from @myhouseofcarters

Christmas Snowflake Staircase Themed


Ribbon with this snowflake pattern can be applied directly to the staircase railing evenly. This will be a very merry Christmas greeting. What you can do now is use a ribbon with a red color option so that it is in harmony with the theme that is currently being used. Evergreen accents will also never fail to be applied, besides being easy to get, it’s also easy to assemble into a garland design. Christmas Snowflake Staircase Themed from @christmasismerry

Twinkle Lights


There’s nothing wrong with adding twinkle lights accents to the outside of the staircase area. Apart from being a warm Christmas decoration, it can also be used as additional room lighting which can be obtained cheaply online. Just choose and use twinkle light with orange lighting for a very rustic look. You can try it simultaneously with a flower arrangement in a vase that is used. Twinkle Lights from @farmhousevernacular

Nature-Inspired Look


For a natural, colorful look, just string evergreens and a rich red ribbon on the handrail. Apart from the ribbon, another red color that you can apply here is a flower that blooms beautifully. Everything is made from natural ingredients and can be obtained easily. Mini Christmas trees can also be placed right next to the staircase as an additional decoration that you can apply directly to the large tin pots. Nature-Inspired Look from @homeinnewengland

Snowy Christmas Banister


To achieve this look, apply a fresh garland along your banister using floral wire and let it look fancy at the end. And all you have to do is tie a giant ribbon to it. Bonus points if you combine fun colors like red, green and silver. Don’t forget to end this banister decoration with a snowy accent that can emphasize the Christmas theme. Snowy Christmas Banister from @cupcakecountrygirl

Dramatic Pillar Candle Lighting Ideas


Candle pillars with quite a lot of this can be placed on the floor area towards the decoration of your staircase. This will be an interesting addition to the lighting and certainly able to give a warm touch. Just get all these pillar candles at the nearest store or you can also buy them online. What you have to pay attention to is the layout so it doesn’t interfere with your space when heading for the stairs. Dramatic Pillar Candle Lighting Ideas from @eminteriors_

Hanging Triple Stockings Ideas


Hanging stockings that are hung on the staicase on the bottom wall will look more attractive when you add DIY paper garland and snowflake designs that are arranged vertically. Both will appear simultaneously with great joy. Besides that, you can also get a festive look instantly when using two stockings with different colors. String light is an additional lighting option that you can apply instantly. Hanging Triple Stockings Ideas from @at_the_merrells

Traditional Look Balloon Staircase Decor


Balloons and Christmas ball ornaments with a variety of different sizes can be used as a Staircase Christmas decoration that you can easily do yourself. Here you can use a balloon blower to size from small to large. Christmas balls with a choice of red color can be hung right at the top of the stairs as a beautiful focal point. The tapestry layer on the staircase also adds an elegant feel that you can get instantly. Traditional Balloon Staircase Decor from @faffandfuss

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