How to Make a Dried Flower Cloche

How to make a Dried Flower ClocheOne thing that I learned recently: dried flowers can be colorful too! And in fact, they’re a great alternative way to add color to your home if you love flowers, but don’t want to buy them on a weekly basis. Displaying them under a cloche is a great way to showcase them and they’ll last for months to come. The DIY is pretty easy too! Here’s how to make a dried flower cloche:

Colorful Dried FlowersWhat You’ll Need:

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– Glass dome
– Assortment of dried flowers
Flower frog
– Scissors

For the flowers, I used the following: bunny tails, floral buttons, billy button craspedia, wild oats, Million Star Gyp Flowers, jeweled orchids, and ming fern. You’ll want to use a variety of flowers to create dimension. Think different shapes, textures, and colors. Having a mix of filler and statement flowers is the best way to get balance. 

You may remember this glass dome from when I made a Halloween Cloche. I found it at Ikea, but I also saw this cute wood version on Amazon. You could paint the base any color you wanted, opening this project up for new color combo possibilities!

You can watch the video tutorial for this project over on my YouTube channel!

How to make a Dried Flower ClocheHow To Make a Dried Flower Cloche:

You really don’t need to be an expert florist to pull this look off. In fact, I think I’m TERRIBLE at arranging flowers, but was somehow able to make it work. Start by creating a base with a filler flower or moss. This will not only cover your frog pin, but it will also help your flowers stick into the pin a bit better. Cover the sides of the pin as well as on top. If you’ve never worked with a frog pin before, please be careful as they’re extra sharp! Continue adding flowers until the base is no longer visible.

Now it’s time to add volume. I used my flowers that had a thicker base/leaf to fill out the cloche. When you add your highest stems, it’s a good idea to add your dome on top to see if it fits. Make any height adjustments to your stems now before continuing to add flowers. 

How to make a Dried Flower ClocheWhen you have your initial base set, you can start weaving in those statement flowers and the ones with much thinner stems. They’ll hold in the frog much better once they have some support.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to see the flowers from all angles. Walk around your base, and look at it from different heights as you work, so you don’t miss any spots.

How to make a Dried Flower ClocheMake any tweaks you need, add your dome on top, and you’re done!! That’s how you make a dried flower cloche!

Colorful Dried FlowersThe scraps of this project are just so pretty! I think they’d actually look great in these DIY confetti programs, so don’t throw away anything if you’re getting married anytime soon.

How to make a Dried Flower ClocheAren’t the colors so great?! They’re much more vibrant than I expected. I’m so excited to have flowers in my home for the rest of winter without having to splurge on a bouquet every week.

I hope that you give this one a try! Let me know if you have any questions!How to make a Dried Flower Cloche How to make a Dried Flower Cloche

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