How to Make a Suncatcher Leaf Craft

Learn how to make this simple and beautiful suncatcher leaf craft for kids using fall leaves, flowers and paper plates.

Updated September 2022

Even though it is Autumn, the flowers are still blooming! We had so much fun making these leaf suncatchers with autumn leaves, zinnias, and other lovely fall flowers.

This is just the beginning of some autumn crafts with fall leaves that we have planned for the Fall!

We’ve made these so many times before and just used contact paper, but the paper plates work so well as frames for the suncatchers! The frame sets the leaves off nicely and offers a further canvas for decorating.

suncatcher leaf pin
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Suncatcher Leaf Craft



  1. Create your suncatcher frame

    Begin by making a frame for your Autumn leaf suncatcher by cutting a hole in the paper plate.

    flowers for nature suncatcher

  2. Add a center of transparent contact paper

    Lay the frame over the contact paper and trace circles to fit over the opening (overlapping the paper plate by about half an inch).

    cutting contact paper

  3. Press leaves and petals to the sticky contact paper

    Arrange the leaves and Fall flower petals on the sticky side of the contact paper. You can make an abstract design, a mandala, or anything you’d like!

    yellow petals on contact paper

    *Optional: you can decorate your paper plate frame with crayons, markers, or watercolors, if you’d like!

  4. Cover your design with more contact paper

    Add another circle of contact paper over the top to protect and hold the nature design in place.

    nature suncatcher

  5. Hang up your Autumn leaf suncatcher!

    Punch a hole at the top of the frame and tie a loop of yarn or a pipe cleaner for hanging.

    flower petal suncatcher

The circular format is perfect for mandalas, like the flower petal ones we’ve made before, but for these, we didn’t create the concentric designs. Just abstract arrangements of fall leaves and flowers to bring a touch of the season indoors.

flower suncatcher in window
Photo by Andrea Martelle

More Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids

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