How to Promote Your Business This Summer

Promoting your business can be tough, but it’s essential for staying ahead of the competition. Being creative, self-assured, and specific with your marketing and promotional efforts is key if you want to succeed. To help you kickstart your next marketing campaign, here are some of the best ways to promote your business this summer:

Promotional Marketing Item Giveaways

Promotional marketing item giveaways have remained a tried-and-true way to do business over the last few decades, and 2023 is seeing the practice grow even more. If you’re looking to demonstrate to potential and existing customers that you truly care about them then you need to provide them with valuable, thoughtful, and branded gifts (and you need to do it for free). Promo marketing campaigns allow you to achieve this exact goal without breaking your marketing budget. 

Since summer is about to be in full force, helping your customers prepare for the fun, sunny season is a great way to approach your next promo marketing campaign. By buying branded beach towels in bulk, and then handing them out to customers (new and old), you can make them appreciate your business every time that they venture out to the beach or a nearby pool. The fact that others will be seeing your company’s logo and contact information when your customers use their gifted, branded beach towels creates a walking billboard effect that’s incredibly valuable as well. 

Revamping Your Brand

Even the best brands need to be shaken up every now and then. If your brand has felt stale the past few years, or if your logo is beginning to look retro (in a bad way), then it may be time to revamp your brand identity. Doing so can be one of the more expensive and time-consuming options on this list, but it’s practically guaranteed to capture the public imagination if you do it correctly. 

When going this route, however, it’s important to do some base research into how competitors in your industry are currently using branding (both in successful and unsuccessful ways). Doing so will give you the base information you need to craft a creative, eye-catching brand rebrand in 2023. 

Partnering with Local Businesses

If you try to run a successful business without being a part of the business and public community where you’re doing business, your brand will be doomed to fail. With this in mind, building promotional campaigns tied to partnerships with local businesses becomes a no-brainer. The more value you pack into the deal for both you and your partner companies, the more likely this strategy is to succeed. 

Referral programs that tie your business partnerships together are a great place to start. Each time a customer comes through your business with needs that your business partners can feel, be sure to refer them (with a deal in place that your business partner will reward you for the efforts). Then, your partner business(s) will do the same for you, creating a symbiotic relationship that will benefit you both. The fact that you’ll be building a more emotionally satisfying business environment in your community is just a bonus when using this marketing and promotion method. 

Offering New Customer Incentives

Businesses have a difficult time surviving, especially in hyper-competitive industries, if they fail to create a consistent stream of new customers. To attract these highly-valued new customers to your business, you’ll need to offer them incentives for giving your company’s products and/or services a chance. Using and offering new customer incentives is the ideal way to hyper-charge your stream of new customers each year.

Whether you’re offering discounts, free shipping, or something more unique, tailoring your new customer incentives to specific target demographics is always a good idea. Doing so will drastically increase your chances of attracting the type of new customer that will likely turn into a loyal customer, after all. 

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

While it may seem like a no-brainer, many companies sadly fail to create mobile-friendly websites for their businesses (even in 2023)! To ensure your company is primed for modern-day commerce (which is done more and more online at an exhausting rate), you need to have a fully mobile-optimized online space to connect with your customers and to do the deals that will keep you in business. 

Companies that fail to keep up with online business practice standards are doomed to fail in the coming decade. By investing in mobile-friendly websites, social media marketing campaigns, and other web-centric marketing efforts, you’ll be sure to stand apart from competitors who remain stuck in the past.

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