How to Use Fabric for Fall Decoration

If you’re looking for a unique and easy fall decoration, you can use fabric as the main material. These are a great way to add character to your home. You can find some fabrics around your home. They comes in various kinds and you can use them to make fall decorations. Some of them are canvas, chenille, velvet, lace, and knitted fabrics. You can use plain fabric or the patterned one. Whether sewn or not, you can use them for fall decorations. Then, what you can do with fabric for your fall decorations? You can make a variety of unique decorations for your home.

How to use fabric for fall decoration1

There are some fall decoration ideas that you can make from fabric. These ideas can range from orange and yellow fabric garland to plaid fabric pumpkins. Almost any fabric can be used to make pumpkin. You can also create DIY items like trivets and acorn decor. Alternatively, you can create a fall wreath from fabric. If you have fabric scrap, you can collect them and then make them a fall bunting. If you like sewing, you can use fabric to make a table runner. Give touches of fall by adding a leaf motif. In addition, you can use fabric to make napkins, napkin rings or to cover your candle holder or vase. Next, if you want a rustic look, use burlap to make a fall banner, fall sign, or wreath. All of these items are easy to make and can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here are some ideas.
Doily pumpkin

Doily Lace Pumpkin Cover from prudentpennypincher

Fall mason jar centerpiece

Burlap Fall Mason Jar Centerpiece from prudentpennypincher


Burlap Covered Candle Holder from prudentpennypincher

Pine cone hanger

Burlap Pine Cone Hanger from prudentpennypincher

Rustic sweater candle

Rustic Sweater Candle Holder from prudentpennypincher


DIY Burlap Pumpkin Ideas from prudentpennypincher


Plaid Fabric Pumpkin Design from homebnc


Fall Fabric Pumpkin Ideas from homebnc


White Wool Pumpkin Material from homebnc


Vintage Look Fabric Pumpkin from homebnc


Fabric Pumpkin Coffee Table Ideas from homebnc


Denim Fall Pumpkin Design Ideas from homebnc


Patterned Fabric Pumpkin from homebnc


Daisy Floral Fall Pumpkin from homebnc


DIY Fabric Pumpkin Ideas from homebnc


Farmhouse Vibes Chekered Pumpkin from homebnc

Canvas fabric pumpkin

Canvas Fabric Pumpkin from homebnc

Crocheted pumpkin decorations

Crocheted Pumpkin Decorations from homebnc

Mustard fabric pumpkins

Mustard Fabric Pumpkins from homebnc

Neutral pumpkin decoration

Neutral Pumpkin Decoration from homebnc

Neutral wide fabric pumpkin

Neutral Wide Fabric Pumpkin from homebnc

Orange and white chevron pumpkin

Orange and White Chevron Pumpkin from homebnc

Purple velvet

Purple Velvet Pumpkin Design from homebnc

Rustic fall pumpkin centerpiece

Rustic Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece from homebnc

Stripes fabric pumpkin

Stripes Fabric Pumpkin from homebnc

Tassel leaf pumpkin

Tassel Leaf Pumpkin Accessories from homebnc

Textured fabric pumpkins

Textured Fabric Pumpkins from homebnc

Velvet with pearl pumpkin

Velvet with Pearl Pumpkin from homebnc

White chevron pumpkin

White Chevron Pumpkin from homebnc

Yarn crocheted pumpkins

Yarn Crocheted Pumpkins from homebnc

Yellow chenille fabric covered pumpkins

Yellow Chenille Fabric Covered Pumpkins from homebnc


Burlap Autumn Wreath On Budget from nobiggie


Patchwork Garland from nobiggie


Apple Patterned Burlap Garland from digsdigs


Felt Leaf Garland from digsdigs


Stamped Fall Burlap Banner from digsdigs

Burlap and bold orange fabric bunting

Burlap and Bold Orange Bunting from digsdigs


Colorful Felt Fall Garland from digsdigs

Felt balls in fall colors

Felt Balls in Fall Colors Ideas from digsdigs

Felt pumpkin garland

Felt Pumpkin Garland Design from digsdigs

Orange fabric bunner for fall

Orange Fabric Bunner for Fall Decor from digsdigs

Tassel garland

Tassel Garland in Fall Color from digsdigs


Fall Leaf Table Runner from weallsew


Maple Leaf Coaster from weallsew


Fall Leaf Pillow Design from weallsew


Fabric Pumpkin Napkin Ring from weallsew

Candy corn wreath

Burlap Candy Corn Wreath from goodhousekeeping

Fabric scraps

Fabric Scraps for Fall Wreath Design from goodhousekeeping

Fall sunflower wreath

Fall Burlap Sunflower Wreath from goodhousekeeping


Fall Wreath with Fabric Ribbon Accessories from goodhousekeeping

Flannel and felt

Flannel and Felt Maple Leaf Wreath from goodhousekeeping


Pom-Poms Wreath with Fall Color from goodhousekeeping

Yellow felt feather

Yellow Felt Feather from goodhousekeeping

Cable-knit sweaters covered vases

Cable Knit for Covered Vases from bhg

Diy fall wall decor

DIY Fall Wall Decor with Floral Patterned from bhg

Fabric scraps embroidery hoop

Fabric Scraps Embroidery Hoop from bhg


Rustic Fall Wreath with Burlap Ribbon from bhg

Felt acorn wreath

Minimalist Felt Acorn Wreath from bhg

Lacy fall leaves craft

Lacy Fall Leaves Napkin Craft from bhg

No-sew fall leaf pillow

No-sew Fall Leaf Pillow from bhg

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