How to Use Winter Candle Lanterns for Your Home Decor

Winter is coming, and there are many ways to celebrate by using lanterns and candles even candle lanterns to light up your home. The candles inside can be real or faux. When using candle lanterns in winter, choose colors that complement the decor of your home. For example, a white lantern with a mini candle can look beautiful and natural. Place a few ornaments around the candle to make the lanterns look festive. Another option is to put white powder inside the mini candle. This will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It’s easy to decorate a black lantern with winter decorations, such as snowflakes and pine cones. Winter candle lanterns can be used for outdoors and indoors even you can hang them on the Christmas tree. For the outdoors, you can use the winter candle lanterns to decorate your porch or outdoor staircases. If you’d like to use winter candle lanterns outdoors, choose ones that are made of metal. Winter candle lanterns can also be used indoors. A simple white lantern with a small candle inside will look beautiful and natural. This is a great to decorate your entryway, fireplace mantel, and centerpiece. There are many ways to use winter candle lanterns for your home decor. You can make it more beautiful and make your winter decor more festive. These images below are some ways on how to use winter candle lanterns for your home decor, hopefully they inspire you.

How to use winter candle lanterns for your home decor1

For an elegant rustic look, adding candle lanterns on this console table is a brilliant idea to try on this farmhouse entrance décor. You can also combine pillar candles with wooden stands to create a peaceful lighting throughout the room. White flowers and equipped with vintage ornaments make the room decoration unique and look trendy. Rustic Candle Lanterns from homebnc.


These rustic-style candle lanterns work well in winter in your home. This will provide extra warmth and a dramatic glow. Just put it on the console table and combine it with some rustic ornaments to give it a beautiful and trendy look. At the bottom of this console table you can also complete the look with woven works to make it easier for you to store various blankets safely. Rustic-Style Candle Lanterns from homebnc.


Make your front porch cozy with two types of lights. Choosing candle lanterns for this patio light idea is a brilliant idea for you to try. Adding these chandeliers will also provide dramatic lighting throughout the room. Complete the décor with rattan chairs and some greenery to add a sense of comfort and a touch of fresh air to the entire room. Candle Lanterns and Chandeliers from homebnc.


Hang some rustic candle lanterns on a tree branch and you’ll have a lovely winter decor. This design is a great idea for how lanterns work in your winter home. You can also place a lantern and a few small candles on the dining table for a warm and inviting decor. These hanging pom poms will also complete the decor of this dining room. Rustic Candle Lanterns from digsdigs.


This design is a brilliant way to add dramatic lighting to an entire winter room. There are lots of cool ways to make DIY winter paper lanterns. Choosing a reindeer and Christmas tree pattern gives it a unique and trendy look. You can use LED candles to make it easier for you to get maximum results. Placing these lanterns on the table will also provide a unique decoration for your winter. DIY Winter Candle Lantern from digsdigs.


These rustic zinc candle lanterns are complemented by pillar candles for a warm and inviting winter decor idea. Adding some green leaves and red ribbon on top of this lantern can give the decor a unique and trendy look. This design is the perfect display for winter and these lanterns work well throughout any room. Place it on the table and add flower petals for an interesting result. Rustic Zinc Candle Lanterns from digsdigs.


A great way to use candle lanterns for decoration this winter is to add them to your patio. Choosing these rustic lanterns and pillar candles is a brilliant idea for you to try. Don’t forget to add a small garland and red ribbon for a stylish lantern decoration. Place it in the corner of the patio this winter to give it a unique and inviting feel. Rustic Lanterns and Pillar Candles from digsdigs.


These three different sized red lanterns set with pillar candles are a great way to decorate your patio this winter. This decor will create dramatic lighting and will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. Some of these greenery and carnberries also give the room a fresh look and make it look more attractive. Red Candle Lanterns from digsdigs.


This candle lantern with pine cones is perfect for your winter decor. Placing it on the terrace of this winter home welcomes your guests with a warm and inviting feeling. These three different sized candle lanterns also help you complete this patio decor. Snow accents will give a cool touch to the entire room. Candle Lantern with Pine Cones from digsdigs.


A zinc lantern with a pattern will work well in your winter home decor. These pillar candles also help you provide dramatic lighting and a warm feeling throughout the room. Complete this lantern with a red ribbon for the perfect lantern design. Just put it on a white chair in the living room so it will give a stylish look. Zinc Lantern with Ribbon from digsdigs.


The pillar candles and pine cones in these lanterns work well in your winter space and can give a warm feel to the entire room. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors of lanterns for a stylish room decor idea. Placing this on the terrace of the house is a brilliant idea for your winter decor. Real snow accents on this terrace also give the terrace a cool touch. Candles Lantern and Pine Cones from digsdigs.


This winter fireplace decor is complemented by several candle lanterns that will help you give a dramatic and warm feel to the entire room. You can apply two antique craft lanterns of different sizes to give a trendy room design. The greenery of the garland and the candles in this jar help give the room a fresh and warm feel. Candle Lantern Winter Fireplace from digsdigs.


Candle lanterns are painted white and set on top of the planter can create an interesting look. This is a brilliant way to redecorate your winter home. You can add red ribbon and burlap for a unique lantern decoration that looks trendy. Some greenery, carn berries, and pine cones will complete your home decor. White Candle Lanterns from digsdigs.


Some lontars that are placed on the terrace table of this house will give a unique look and steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. Several shapes and sizes are suitable for decorating your patio. Green garland and tree branches will be an attractive room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Several Candle Lantern from digsdigs.


This square lantern is complemented by several pillar candles for dramatic lighting and a warm feel to the room. Choosing candles of different heights creates unexpected visual appeal. Placing it on a wooden coffee table will be a unique centerpiece decoration and steal the attention of each of your guests. This rustic accent can be a savior to bring a romantic feel to special moments. Square Candle Lantern from decorhomeideas.


This corner piece has been made into a warm side table or bench for your winter décor. Complete with large silver lanterns complemented by pillar candles will give a trendy winter design. Lay it on a pallet table and complete this faux fur blanket for a stylish and inviting space design. This light gray color scheme lends a warm and serene feel to the entire room. Large Silver Candle Lanterns from decorhomeideas.


Cranberries are the perfect addition to any lantern you use for your holiday decor. Placed on the table and by the fireplace, it provides extra warmth and perfect lighting for the entire room. This is an interesting idea for you to try because lanterns are a great ornament to add to your winter decor. You can choose three lanterns of various sizes to create a unique and interesting room decoration. Candle Lantern and Carnberries from digsdigs.


If your lantern is large enough, fill it with red pillar candles and accent snow inside. This is a great idea of how a lantern works because its vintage design fits well with the style of a country house. Placing it above the fireplace and combining it with greenery and bouquets of flowers, tree branches and ornamental balls will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Red Candle Lantern from digsdigs.


This outdoor setting by adding pillar candle lanterns is a brilliant way of stylish outdoor decor. You can decorate this lantern with a hand-stitched gray heart tied with a red and white gingham ribbon to give the room a stylish design. The placement of these lanterns on a red sled and combined with candles in a jar, galvanized greenery and greenery will complete the decor of this room. Winter Candle Lantern Outdoor decor from homebnc.


This white Moroccan-style lantern and complemented by a red pillar candle gives it a unique look and catches the attention of many people. Combined with snowy garland and plate wall hangings, it will make the room decor stylish and attractive. Place it on an open shelf that will welcome your guests with a cheerful feeling. White Moroccan-Style Lantern from digsdigs.


These bright metal winter candle lanterns give a winter home a stylish look and will steal everyone’s eyes. You can opt for reindeer and Christmas tree patterns for a warm winter mood and dramatic lighting. You can stack three of these lanterns and place them on a wooden table for a unique and stylish look. Metal Winter Candle Lanterns from housebeautiful.


This vintage red lantern has a Christmas feel all its own. This is a great way to winterize your patio. Complete this lantern with candle pillars and greenery to give a room design that is attractive and attracts the attention of many people. Place it in the corner of your patio to give the perfect room decor. Vintage Red Candle Lantern from housebeautiful.


This winter terrace features dramatic lighting throughout. You can add two large silver candle lanterns and complete them with candlesticks for a unique and inviting design. Complete the look with a mini tree with stars, string lights, small candles, and a garland for a festive winter patio decor. Two Large Silver Candle Lanterns from digsdigs.


Giving a candle lantern on the front porch a winter update with a sprig of berries and this artificial snowflake makes for a unique room decor that will attract crowds. Complete with carnberry around the lantern, it also gives a unique lantern design. Candles of various sizes will provide dramatic lighting. This idea is a great way to cool your home. Candle Lantern with Carnberry from hgtv.


This cute and warm-looking patio decor uses tiny red candle lanterns set on a wooden pallet to create dramatic lighting. This is a brilliant idea for winter decor and will work well on your patio. Complete this decor with wooden signs with deer heads, galvanized pots, pine cones and garland pine cones to give this patio decor a rustic feel. Tiny Red Candle Lanterns from thepioneerwoman.