How to Utilize Glass for Spring Projects

When you’re planning a spring decorating project, utilizing glass in your décor will help you create unique displays. Glass is versatile item that can be used for any decorative item. It can be used for many different purposes. If you are planning a glass-based decor this spring, you can use a variety of different shapes and sizes of glass cylinders to create a unique vignette. For this spring, there are some ideas on how to utilize glass for spring projects. The common ideas is to use glass for spring vase. This is a great item to put your flower arrangements. You can also use glass to make a terrarium. Just fill glass containers with twigs, animal figures, and moss. In addition to its decorative function, a glass cloche will be a beautiful centerpiece for your spring decorations. Adding a glass jar to your table will add a beautiful, modern touch to your Spring decorations. Moreover, a glass candle holder is great for your spring decorations. You can also use glass to display your Easter eggs. If you need to decorate your fireplace with spring vibe, you can use glass, either bottle or vase glass, and more. Below are some ideas to inspire you.

How to utilize glass for spring projects1

Glass Lantern

There are many ways that you can try to bring glass for spring decoration in your home. You can present glass in the form of lanterns with gold accents to give a luxurious and elegant look. Inside this lantern you can fill it with pillar candles and some fake lemons for maximum design. This simple design is easy for you to make using used lanterns and painting them with gold this will make a beautiful design Choosing to make DIY lanterns at home may look creative and save money. Then you can display it indoors so that it will provide a beautiful freshness that will never fail in spring.


Gold Glass Lantern from shelterness

Adding Centrepieces

Flower vases are one of the decorations that you can make using large glass vases that will never fail to complement the spring decorations in your home. Buying a large glass tube vase filled with several spring ornaments will make a beautiful spring craft and steal the show. This is a simple way to make beautiful centerpieces. You can combine it with several other ornaments such as candle holders and plate arrangements using moss and eggs to give a sophisticated and spring-ready design to your home.


Centrepieces Glass Vases from shelterness

Adding Terrarium

Spring glass decoration will bring a different and inspiring look. There are many ways that you can try to bring glass accents to spring decorations in your home. One of them you can present glass in the form of a perfect and never fail terrarium to spring into your home. You can fill this glass terrarium with accents of moss, greenery and butterflies for a charming result. Placing it on a coffee table or console table will never fail for a design like this.


Spring Terrarium from mydesiredhome

Large Glass Vases

Flowers are one of the hallmarks of spring decorations in this house. You can arrange some of these blooming flowers in a glass vase to make the room look beautiful and eye catching. You can use glass jars to make a vase to make it simpler but it will never fail to complete the spring decor in your home. This simple design will bring a cool and fresh impression to this dining table. Putting this on the dining table will also be the center of attention of every guest who comes.


Glass Vases from mydesiredhome

Color Block Glass Vases

Using used glass bottles as spring decorations at home is a creative idea that you can try now. Making it yourself won’t cost much and will boost your creativity. Painting it pink and adding a pink ribbon for decoration is a simple idea for spring decorations in your home. Then you can use it to display flower arrangements to make it look fresher and cooler. You can put this ornament on the table which will give a different design every year.


Pink Painted Glass Vases from architectureartdesigns

Animal Stattue

If you have unused apothecary jars, you can reuse them to complete spring decor in your home. In this jar you can add a bunny and moss figurine to vibrate the spring in your home decor. Rabbits are one of the ornaments that you can use to create a beautiful and eye-catching room design. Choosing to use three jars and placing them on the table will be a beautiful center of attention.


Glass Jar Animal Stattue from homedit

Easter Egg Apothecary Jars

You can bring glass accents to your spring decor in your home to give each style a different look. Opt to use an Apothecary jar and fill it with some eggs these pastel colors will grab people’s attention and are perfect for spring decorations. You can choose three Apothecary jars and place them on the console table to greet your guests with a festive spring mood. In addition, you can also add wall hangings behind the jar for a charming decoration result.


Easter Egg Jar from homedit

Floating Floral Apothecary Jars

Flowers are one of the hallmarks of fresh and cool spring decorations. Floating flowers are a perfect idea and you can try them now. Choosing a jar to make floating flowers look even more beautiful is a simple way to decorate your home this spring. After setting up the equipment, you can fill the Apothecary jar with water and continue adding flowers. Finally, close the Apothecary jar and place it on the table so that it will present a very extraordinary spring appearance.


Floating Floral Glass Jar from homedit

Glass Candle Holder

To bring glass decorations to a spring house, you can add a glass candle holder to maximize the design. Presenting it in the form of a decorative candle is the perfect idea and will never fail. Place a pink pillar candle in a glass jar to make it look more charming. Here you can also add some blooming flowers that surround this candle holder to give a fresh and cool impression to the whole room. Putting this on the dining table will also attract every guest who comes to your home.


Spring Flower Ring Candle Accessory from homebnc

Mantle Spring Decor

To decorate the fireplace mantle in your spring home, you can add some glass bottle accents for a beautiful room design idea. The selection of bottles with different sizes will make the design of the room attractive and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Some spring ornaments in the form of greenery and blooming wreaths and unused frames will give a different and unique look. Driftwood equipped with yellow flowers is also able to complete the design of this fireplace.


Glass Bottle Mantel Decor from digsdigs