I’m starting to think. . .


Old ceiling fan.  The room has two of these, so this one still needs to come down.  It will be sent to scrap as it does not work correctly.  The other will be donated.

One ceiling fan went up, but after we painted the ceiling, so we'll need to pull the top metal piece down and touch up the paint.   The old ceiling fans were both about 16-17 years old, and they were used (not new) when the builders installed them.  The newer ones now have a hook on them, making it much much easier to wire in.  The new fans have reversible blades, so if we decide we don't like them this color, we can flip the blades to make them all white.

Although we got one completely installed, we got no where after that. He got the painted trim up around one door, and the battery on the nail gun died.  Our handy man had borrowed 3 batteries and a saw on Friday, and they were not returned until later yesterday.

We ran to town to beat the storm, and to get a few items we needed.  After that nothing got done.

My husband is putting the cart before the horse again.  He wants to move furniture back to the bedroom before the floor trim is installed, closet door installed, and other things that need finished first.

He's also expecting me to entertain a meal (today of all days), and my kitchen is completely full of donations, boxes of stuff from the bedroom, our suitcase we are still living out of, a bookshelf that needs to go upstairs......I can't.  I just can't do it.  The table is covered with "stuff" once again with the gutting of the bedroom etc.  I suggested we meet somewhere, and that was rejected.  I honestly want to work on the bedroom and stay home and get ahead on this project.

I'm starting to think that participating in a craft show this month was a bad idea.  I do not have room in the living room to bring all my completed inventory downstairs.