I Stitch Colorful Threads Into Tulle To Create A 3D Effect On My Artwork (58 Pics)

I was born in Moscow, studied and grew up in a small, but a very cozy city in the Kharkov region, Ukraine. I graduated from Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Specialty - project manager.

At the age of 15, I was given paint to paint on ceramics, on vases and saucers. They, of course, did not find applications, but I really liked to mix a lot of shades and watch them frosting, they turned into bizarre shapes. I think, from that moment, I had a great desire to work with color, and over time this desire found itself in the embroidery.

In 2016, I attended sewing courses, where one of our tasks was to sew a blouse. Seeing the embroidered dresses from Valentino, Elie Saab, and Dior, I decided to create an air blouse from tulle with embroidery. In 2017 I took an embroidery course at Ecole Lesage School in Paris. From that time, I have decorated my work with Luneville embroidery. This school is the only one where I studied embroidery. Everything I did before was intuitive. I like it when there is a moment of improvisation in the work. 

I create these embroideries which are inspired by fashion and haute couture. I stitch colorful threads into tulle to create 3D-effect artwork.

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My technique is a combination of many shades of threads - organized chaos. I like to work with tulle, as it is a transparent fabric that makes embroidery visually more voluminous. I do not make sketches before I start working, I usually know I want to embroider something specific, such as an eye. I make the contours and select shades when I'm already in the process. I am attracted to bright saturated colors, so I often try to integrate them with harmonious colors, but try not to make it too flashy.



When I was in school, I did not have a particular attraction to the work that we did in the lessons of Home Economics. And since childhood, everything, whether sewing an apron at school or drawing the next landscape in the lessons of fine art, was done for me by my beloved grandmother. In my student years, I became interested in everything new that appeared in the fashion world. After repeatedly reviewing the work of many clothes designers, I decided to take a chance. But it was not so simple to create voluminous and beautiful work. Only hard work, developing my own style and correcting my mistakes gave me the opportunity to achieve the desired result.

My inspiration is the success of other people. When I have the opportunity to observe the creative development of the artist, to see how an idea turns into a complete result, for me, there is no greater inspiration. Also, life-affirming films, books, and exhibitions support me and my desire to create.



The most special works were done in huge doubts and desire to give up. So it’s the most important part of the creative process for me, keep creating my work, even when everything I do seems to be wrong.

I start each new piece with contours before allowing improvisation and the process itself to dictate what the final design will look like. Now I got used to working with a color, so it takes 3-4 days to create hand/ eye study and 2-3 weeks for portrait studies. As embroidery isn’t about fast results, to not get tired from one piece usually I work on 2-3 pieces at the same time. 



While creating each product, I am moved by the desire to show that creativity is not a technical process, but rather an improvisation that does not lend itself to any scripts and schemes.

Embroidery is also the best way of meditation for me. When I see the result of my works, there is no better healing for me. It helps me to transform my feelings into small bright colorful art objects that make my life better and make other people feel something.