If Snoring Is Keeping You Up, You Need To Try This

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My husband has always been a snorer, bless his heart. Those of you who are also married to snorers will understand what I mean when I say that even though I love Dave dearly, I often find myself lying awake and fighting the urge to smack him with a pillow! (He insists that he doesn’t deserve such treatment because he isn’t snoring on purpose, but we’ve agreed to disagree on that point.) ;-)

Needless to say, we’ve tried a lot of different remedies and interventions over the years to try and improve the snoring situation, from mouth pieces to staggered bedtimes. While nothing has stopped his snoring entirely, I’ve at least found a DIY solution that quiets his snoring enough that I can actually sleep, and I’ll be telling you all about it in today’s post!

This DIY snoring solution is a twist on my homemade gel air fresheners that I first shared years ago in the early days of my blogging career. The gelatin base I used in those air fresheners makes a perfect medium for essential oils (sort of like a mini diffuser you don’t have to plug in!) :-)

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But rather than adding the essential oils simply as a fragrance, I used Slumber Essential Oil Blend to make an all-natural snore relief gel!

snore relief jar

How Does It Work?

Slumber features several essential oils with properties that can help calm snoring, including marjoram, cedarwood, vetiver, and lavender oils. Marjoram helps to relieve tension throughout the body for more restorative sleep, while cedarwood and vetiver oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the nasal passages that often contributes to snoring.

And last, but certainly not least, Slumber includes lavender essential oil, which is well known for its relaxing and restful effects. Lavender aids in the important task of carrying both the snorer and their long-suffering spouse off to dreamland. :-)

Here’s What OGT Readers Are Saying

  • Since I originally shared this idea back in October of last year, I’ve been delighted by the comments and emails I’ve received from OGT readers who gave this snore relief gel a try for themselves:
  • It works! I snore and my husband often moves to another room. Since using Slumber we both have more restful nights in the same room.” – Jennifer W.
  • My husband snores so this caught my eye, and it was easy and fun to make. The fragrance is pleasant enough to make the room smell refreshed. We inhaled it a few times as mentioned and it seems to have calmed the snoring down.” – Carol R.
  • My husband sounded like a purring kitten. He said he slept really good and barely tossed and turned, and I slept like a bear hibernating in the winter. I set one by his bedside and one by mine. Thank you so much for this life (and marriage) saving remedy. You are the best!” – Lisa S.
snore relief jar

Not Just For Snoring!

While this Slumber-infused gel in a jar has proven itself to be a simple and effective tool for snore relief, that isn’t the only reason you may want to make your own! You could set it out on your nightstand to help clear stuffy nasal passages when your allergies are acting up, or to help you relax if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

The recipe below makes two jars, so both you and your spouse can keep one close while you sleep (or you could always give the second one away as a gift!) Here’s how to make them.

How To Make DIY Snore Relief Gel In A Jar

snore relief jar

You’ll need:

snore relief jar


Measure out 3/4 cup of water and pour it into a small pot or pan. Heat it on your stovetop over medium-high heat until hot, then add the salt and stir until the salt dissolves completely.

snore relief jar

Next, slowly add the gelatin to the water and stir until dissolved, then remove the mixture from heat and add the remaining 1/4 cup of water.

snore relief jar

Carefully divide the liquid between your two four-ounce mason jars.

snore relief jar

Finally, add about 20 drops of Slumber Blend to each jar and stir with a wooden skewer or craft stick. (If you’d like to color your gel just for fun, add a drop or two of food coloring to each jar before stirring.)

snore relief jar

Place the jars in your fridge uncovered until the gel solidifies, then cover with an airtight lid. (Keep in mind that as with any gelatin product, the gel may start to liquify at higher temperatures. If this happens, no need to worry—just stick the jar back in the fridge until it solidifies again!)

snore relief jar

How To Use Your Snore Relief Gel

When you’re ready to turn in for the night, open your jar and hold it near your nose. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, then set the open jar on your nightstand and leave it there overnight.

Do you have a favorite remedy or tip for snoring?

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