Talented people with digital fit are the ones who possess the right mind with knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors necessary to move the business in the direction and advance human society.

The digital organization is the organic system that needs to keep growing and expanding, providing the creative workplace for people to discover and develop their talent and unlock their potential. 

The dynamic economy will continue to present opportunities and risks in talent development, inspire creativity and improve productivity by giving people active roles in the business initiatives to solve real world problems, build the future needed professional competencies today.


Identify talent: People all have innate talent, in the creative workplace, people are encouraged to discover innate talent according to their specific gifts and passions, identify their own purpose and strength, they are equipped with a growth mindset to gain fresh knowledge, sharpen skill set and build professional competencies. In today’s complex world, having enriched knowledge or versatile talent is foundational to create more fresh ideas, build competitive teams and integrate differentiated business competency.

People need to live an authentic life, self-reflect who they are, and ponder deeper about who they want to be, evoke imaginative thoughts and nurture an innovative mindset, continually discover and build their unique competency. Putting the right talent to the right position to solve the right problems is the mantra for holistic people management. The talent managers have to open their own mind, to discover talent via the wise eyes, to craft a robust and integrated talent strategy, encourage idea sharing and talent growth, in order to hire and engage talent in the digital way.

Improve professional competency
: “Developing Talent” should be ongoing practices. it’s crucial to understand: What is innate, what is learned? Even though the raw talent is innate, it takes the immense amount of time and hard work that "naturally talented" people have committed to developing their talents and building their professional competencies. The organization should take advantage of the latest digital technology platforms & tools to enforce communication and collaboration, keep knowledge flowing frictionlessly, provide the space for people to exercise their talent and unleash their potential.

Knowledge can be taught, certain thinking techniques can be developed, but people need to build their own cognitive abilities to learn, decide, and solve problems, and improve their professional competencies. From talent management perspectives, it should be clear how the company will invest in developing their human capital since the organization will benefit significantly. Building and sustaining dynamics in a workforce is about collaboration which happens between people at the different level so ideas and knowledge can flow smoothly. People enjoy working if they are authentic, engaged, feel empowered, and make accomplishments either individually or collectively.

Shape continuous learning culture: Continuous improvement culture is a mindset! Learning is a lifelong process, not one-off events. The organization’s learning culture is the basis of the company's diversity of staffing, the spirit comes from the top. To create a culture of learning means having the right pro-learning mindset, particularly from leaders and managers. In order to develop a growth mindset to improve learning agility, you need people with the right attitude; they are empowered, intrinsically motivated, creative to take initiative and self-confident because they are well trained and supported.

In a learning organization, people have to be given the opportunity to sharpen their skillsets, they have to become empowered and discover innovative ways to do things. Self-motivated leaders, teams, and employees have a passion for challenging themselves, advancing their thinking ability, and making things happen. It takes a highly innovative leadership team, learning agile staff, and advanced technology tools to build an intelligent workforce for leading long term business success.

People management needs to have a strategic impact. It is a tough journey to identify, develop talent, put the right people with fitting mindset and right capabilities in the right position to solve the right problems. Talented people with digital fit are the ones who possess the right mind with knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors necessary to move the business in the direction and advance human society.
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