Introducing Mariam, our lovely new contributor from Germany!

In the light of the recent events, our long time reader Mariam got in touch with us to ask the following question — are you, as a company, and in regards to the brands and boutiques you work with, looking at their ethical standards *on all levels*? Are you looking not just at the ecological footprint and sustainable standards of companies, but also at their ethos in regards to diversity and inclusivity?

Being fully aware of the work we need to do, I really valued Mariam’s question and her concern. We got in touch, had long conversations, and have become friends over the course of them! Mariam is a wonderful, wise woman and mother, she has strong interests in a diverse array of subjects, and she also has a wealth of wonderful ideas to share. I asked her… would she be up to share some of those ideas with us here on Babyccino? And she said yes! I’m so happy! Here is her introduction to you ♥.

I first got in touch with Esther to see if Babyccino would be up for providing its community with more ethical brands that have embraced diversity and inclusivity as part of their vision. We connected and somehow clicked right away, so we ended up having a virtual meeting. The discussion was effortless. It made sense!

Let me introduce myself. Originally from Chad and France, my name is Mariam, and I grew up in both countries. I am lucky to have a large family, with a rich and diverse cultural background. Growing up, we did a lot of traveling in both Africa and Europe. I am now married to my desert-loving American husband, we met in Africa many moons ago. Together we have traveled the world, visiting every continent on the planet except for Antarctica (sigh… bucket list goals). After living in Arizona for many years, we now reside in Southern Germany, in the beautiful Black Forest region.

Ever since I became a mom (our little girl Nayou is now 6 years old), I have been paying closer attention to what I bring into our home. I have a soft spot for items that are beautifully made, simple in their design and above all non-toxic. Nayou goes to German school in the mornings, and in the afternoon I get to homeschool her in English and French, using stories, play and artsy projects. This has been an interesting learning curve for me as well, as I’m not originally a teacher! (I studied Communication and Management.) But I really enjoy it! And, of course we leave her plenty of time to freely play and explore her own little queries.

I am interested in being part of an ethical cycle of respect and inclusion. Using the love we have for our children and our purchasing power with a vision, I think we can help inclusivity become the norm in a world that still has trouble with diversity being okay.

I’m excited to start sharing some of the things I’m passionate about in this space!

x Mariam

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