Lion Crafts That Will Have Kids Roaring With Excitement!

Get ready for some wild crafting adventures! From masks to puppets, there is something for everyone on this list of 25+ lion crafts for kids.

lion crafts that will have kids roaring

Looking for a fun and educational activity to keep your little ones entertained? Lion crafts provide the perfect opportunity for kids to get creative while learning about these magnificent creatures.

Plus, with each craft, kids will develop skills and gain a sense of accomplishment. So, explore the world of lions with hands-on crafting!

Besides being incredibly cool animals, lions can help kids learn about bravery, leadership and the importance of protecting wildlife. As they create, kids can also learn about different crafting techniques, colors and materials.

Fun facts about lions

Before we get to the crafts, here are some facts about lions you might enjoy:

  • A lion’s roar can be heard almost 5 miles away!
  • Lions are the only cats that live in groups. The group is known as a pride.
  • They are the second largest big cat species in the world. The tiger is the largest.
  • Just like your cat at home, lions like to lay around! They will rest for up to 20 hours a day.
  • When they do move, they can move fast! Lions can run up to 50 mph.
  • Lion cubs are born with spots. As they get older, the spots fade away.

If you are interested, you can find more facts about lions on National Geographic Kids.

Ready to ignite your child’s imagination and go on a wild crafting safari? Scroll down to explore the enchanting world of lion crafts for kids. Which craft do you think will capture your child’s imagination? Let me know in the comments!

Lion Crafts

Get ready for some wild crafting adventures! From masks to puppets, there is something for everyone on this list of 25+ lion crafts for kids.


Soda Bottle Lion

This plastic bottle craft turns a soda bottle into a lion! I love the twisted tail and the feet created by the bottom of the bottle.


Flower Lion

Photo Credit: @lulu__make (screenshot of video)

Use fake or real flowers (maybe dandelions?) to create the mane for this extra happy cardboard lion!


Lion Pillow

Are you ready for summer craft camp with the kids? Make these cute no sew pillows in fun lion and sun shapes. These are SO easy and littles will love them!


Paper & Craft Stick Lion Mask

Photo Credit:

Create this lion mask for pretend play or maybe even for a costume! I really enjoy the use of various colors in this mask.


Salad Spinner Lion

Photo Credit:

Do some spin art with your salad spinner for the mane on this paper lion. Each one will be unique!


Leaves and Cup Lion

Photo Credit: @didadidawu (screenshot from video)

This paper cup craft uses fake leaves for the mane, but you could also go for a nature walk to gather leaves of your own!


Newspaper Lion

Photo Credit:

Introduce your child to mixed media art with this newspaper lion. They'll paint, cut and accordion fold the paper to put it all together.


Cupcake Liner Lion

Have some extra cupcake liners? Use them in the frilly looking mane of this lion. Or, you could paint coffee filters to get a similar look!


3D Paper Lion

Photo Credit:

This lion looks quite happy to be standing all on his own! His body is made with cardstock paper, but you could also use a toilet paper roll.


Sticky Note Lion

Photo Credit:

Use the sticky notes are perfect for making the cones used in this lion's mane. No need to add glue—the notes are already sticky!


Paper Lion

Photo Credit:

Create an accordion folded rosette for the lion's mane in this paper craft. The tuft of hair on the top of his head is super cute, don't you think?


Lion Bookmark

Photo Credit:

Duct tape can be used for so many things! Here, different color tapes are used to make a lion bookmark. He is all stretched out to sleep while keeping your place in the book.


Handprint Lion

Photo Credit:

You can make so much more than a turkey craft by tracing your hand! Just look how cute a handprint lion can be.


Yarn Lion

Photo Credit: @blabinakidstvshow (screenshot of video)

Chunky yarn creates a beautiful lion's mane! Kids can work on fine motor skills by cutting and then trimming the yarn length.


Clay Lion

Photo Credit:

Older kids will love making this clay lion. There are easy to follow step-by-step instructions with photos!


Lion Paper Plate

Paint a paper plate orange and then add all of the facial features. There is a template to make it easier, or you can create your own shapes for the face.


Paper Plate And Handprint Lion Mask

Photo Credit:

This lion's mask combines a few different ideas: a paper plate craft, handprint craft, and a straw craft for the whiskers!


Ribbon Lion Puppet

Photo Credit:

Create a popsicle stick lion puppet using paper and various ribbon colors. If you don't have ribbon on hand, you could also use paper strips for the mane.


Paper Bag Lion Puppet

Photo Credit:

I am in love with the colorful mane on this paper bag lion puppet! Kids will need to punch holes and "knot" multi colored raffia to get this look.


Curly Paper Plate Lion

Photo Credit:

This lion really reminds me of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. Just look at that beautiful curly mane! "Put 'em up, put 'em up!"


Recycled CD Lions

Photo Credit:

Raise your hand if you still have a CD collection gathering dust. This craft is for you! Michelle has a lot of creative ways to upcycle your 'old school' music on her blog.


Paint Splat Lion

Talk about symmetry with this paint splat (or squish painting) lion craft. Kids love to smush the paint and then open the paper to see what is reveals!


Lion Art

Photo Credit:

Spaghetti is perfect for the mane of a lion. This is so cute! Kids will enjoy making their own lion faces for this pasta craft.


Doily Lion

Photo Credit:

Paint a paper doily for this lion's mane. You could also use a coffee filter for this kid's craft idea.


Paper Plate Lion Mask

Photo Credit:

What kid wouldn't want a lion's mask like this one? The mane is made using shredded tissue paper and tinsel—so creative!


Fork Painted Lion

Photo Credit:

Plastic forks come in handy for this art craft. Kids get to see how using something other than a paint brush can create a really cool look!


Paper Plate Lion Weaving

Photo Credit:

Work on threading a needle with yarn and weaving it through holes with this craft. This is great for hand-eye coordination!


Moving Lion

Photo Credit:

Once finished, this lion's head and tail can move thanks to the use of brads. This really takes a coloring page up a notch!

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