Make a Simple Nature Crown with Littles

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Hi, Local Milk friends! Merrilee here from Mer Mag Blog, where we have fun playing creatively and ideally with things easily found or already on hand! You can also find me sharing creative craft ideas on my Instagram and sewing dolls and illustrating books and printables over at the Merrrilee Liddiard Shop. Today I’ll be guiding you through how to make a simple nature crown with your little ones.

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Creating as a Form of Therapy

We’ve all found ourselves in different circumstances in this crazy time, and I hope you and your loved ones are hanging in there. If you have a little one at home, you may be trying to find ways to creatively entertain them while simultaneously keeping your sanity. On some days, that’s just not going to be a reality. Breathe, that’s totally ok. Be kind to yourself. But on other days crafting together might be just the thing that helps you get through.

I have personally found creation to be a wonderful, therapeutic way to have some control in the chaos of life. A simple way to make beauty right when you need it. And when it comes to kids, anything they make, or you make for them, brings so much beauty. Perfection is NOT mandatory. Trust me, there is something special about creating with and for kids. Something so life-giving and yes, even with the goopy glue messes and creative frustrations that might come along with it. ;).  

We’ve also found creating with things found in nature to be extra life-giving. So today, I want to share a simple nature crown that you can make with dried wild grass. Please feel free to use any type of wild weed, flower, or even sticks. Use what you have around you, and don’t hesitate to be creative and put your own stamp on it. And if nature feels far away from you now, you can use paper straws or other household items on hand. Just take the basic concept and run with it. 

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How to Make a Simple Nature Crown

  • Wild grass or other natural materials (wild weeds, flowers, sticks, etc!)
  • Cardstock or other thick paper
  • Hot glue gun
simple nature crown supplies
  1. Once you have gathered your wild grass (or other items), cut the stalks down to the size you would like. 
  2. Measure your child’s head to create a headband from cardstock or a thicker paper (the thicker paper helps to hold the weight of the crown better).
  3. Using hot glue, adhere each stalk (there are low-temp glue sticks for kids and even eco-friendly brands that you can use). Start in the middle and work your way out. Use as many or as few stalks as you like. Have your child help in the design. Older kids can even make the entire crown by themselves.
  4. Don’t hesitate to make one for yourself! Kids love seeing their parents or caretaker join in on the crafty fun. 
  5. Now it’s time to Play! Let yourself play make-believe in your crowns, and use sheets turned into robes and indoor castle forts. Have fun being swept away, if even for just a few minutes. You and your child will remember these special moments, especially at this time history. 

We love crafts like this that encourage play when they are completed. So the fun never stops!

We hope you enjoy and stay safe as you #playcreatively.

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More Inspiration for Playing with Nature

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