Mickey Mouse Crafts for Kids and Adults

Get over 40 ideas for Mickey Mouse crafts (and a few friends)! There are a variety of easy and unique projects for both kids and adults.

Mickey Mouse craft ideas

Did you watch the Mickey Mouse Club growing up? Cause I did! Well the “All New Mickey Mouse Club” anyway! It aired from 1989 – 1995, and my brothers and I were all in with this show.

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the reboot of the original 50s show, but there were some celebrities on it when they were young. Names you might recognize such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling!

They weren’t on very many episodes, but if you were addicted to the show like we were, you might remember their faces.

We went to Disney a few times when I was young, both Disneyland when we lived on the west coast and Disney World when we lived on the east.

I feel that for a lot of kids, Disney is just a special part of growing up! There are obviously a ton of characters when it comes to Disney. Everything from Star Wars to Marvel.

But there are perhaps no characters more recognizable than the original himself: Mickey Mouse. The OG, if you will.

Since we’ve done some celebrity mouse projects around here, I’m excited to share some Mickey Mouse crafts with you today. Over 40, actually!

For both kids and adults.

If you need a gift for the Disney lover – have a theme park vacation planned soon – or just like Mickey mouse – you’re going to love this collection of ideas.

I’ve got some things for kids at the top, then you can scroll down and get the projects for the grown ups at the bottom. There are a lot of gifts, decor, as well as stuff to make and take to Disneyland/World.

You’re going to love these projects!

If you’re a Mickey lover, jump into the list below, then let me know what you think in the comments! Enjoy and happy crafting.

Mickey Mouse Crafts

Do you love Disney, especially the world's most famous mouse? You're going to love these Mickey Mouse craft ideas for kids and adults!

Get the kids' projects first, then the ones for grown ups. You'll find very unique and easy Mickey (and Minnie!) craft tutorials.

Mickey Mouse Crafts for Kids


Mickey Mouse Perler Beads (30+ Free Patterns!)

Get over 30 patterns for Mickey Mouse perler beads (and friends)! There are a variety of Disney characters along with the classic mouse.


Mickey Mouse Paper Plate

Photo Credit: thesimpleparent.com

Make this fun paper plate craft with your Disney loving family! It's great for themed parties or counting down to your next theme park trip.


Popsicle Stick Mouse

Photo Credit: savingslifestyle.com

Easy Mickey Mouse craft for kids using popsicle sticks as one of the main supplies. Want a fun craft for the little disney lovers in your family? Look no


Meeska Mouska Slime

Photo Credit: thefarmgirlgabs.com

Do your kids love making slime? Then they'll love this simple mouse themed version! It's easy to make and so sparkly.


Make Magical Disneyland Fireworks in Your Own Home!

Photo Credit: www.getawaytoday.com

One of the most magical things about Disneyland is the nighttime fireworks display! You can recreate the fireworks - and a Mickey face on the wall too - with this simple tutorial.


Mickey Mouse Tray

Learn how to make a Mickey Mouse tray using simple supplies! Kids will love this easy perler bead Disney project they can display in their room.


Toilet Paper Roll Disney Characters

Photo Credit: www.ohpartyland.com

These cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse paper rolls are so fun and easy to make using a free printable. You can make at home with kids. Or if you’re teacher of preschool or kindergarten, you can make them as a craft activity.


Easy DIY Mickey Autograph Book

Photo Credit: thechirpingmoms.com

Kids love collecting autographs from various cast members as they walk around the park! They can design their own autograph book with this cute idea.


DIY Mouse Pen Topper

Photo Credit: creativitiesgalore.com

Speaking of autographs, pens in the park can be expensive! Make your own with a Mickey or Minnie topper.


Mickey Washer Necklace

Washer necklaces are so easy to make! This is easy for older kids to make with paper and wire.


Paper Bag Puppet

Photo Credit: www.mombrite.com

Your little Disney fan will love making this super cute and adorable Mickey Mouse paper bag puppet. It's easy with the free template, and great for toddlers or preschoolers.


Disneyland Vacation Countdown Chain

Photo Credit: www.getawaytoday.com

Is your family heading on a Disney vacation? These cute and easy Mickey and Minnie countdown chains are the perfect thing to help the time fly by! They're made with construction paper.


Button Mickey Paper Clips

Photo Credit: www.thebensonstreet.com

If you love office supplies and buttons, you're going to enjoy these cutie little paper clips. Perfect for kids and adults that love Happy Planner.


Mickey and Minnie Bookmarks

Photo Credit: hispanaglobal.net

Learn how to make mouse themed bookmarks in three easy steps. Perfect for all the Disney (and book) lovers in your life!


DIY Mickey Mouse Painting

Photo Credit: modernmomlife.com

Make your own Mickey painting following these easy steps. It's the perfect arts and craft activity for your next Disney-inspired party.


Mickey Mouse Paper Snowflake

Photo Credit: www.sandandorsnow.com

Love making paper snowflakes? This super easy and fun mouse snowflake will add whimsy and that perfect touch of Disney to your holiday decorating this year.

Mickey Mouse Crafts for Adults


Mickey Mouse Cake Plate

Photo Credit: thisblisslife.com

We've made cupcake and cake stands before - but this one is all about Mickey! it's very easy to make with dollar store supplies.


DIY Disney Patches

Gear up for your next trip to The Happiest Place on Earth with these whimsical & unique DIY Disney patches. An affordable craft the whole family will love!


Halloween Mickey Tassels

Photo Credit: thepinkjasmin.com

These darling Mickey Mouse tassels were made for Halloween, but you can use the same method and just change out the colors to make them suitable for every day. They'd be cute ornaments too!


DIY Mouse Ears Hair Clips

Photo Credit: Amy Locurto

If you or your child wants to be a cast member when you grow up, make these clips to try the mouse costume on for size! Add cute little bow ties to make them Minnie themed.


DIY Mickey Mouse Pumpkin

Photo Credit: www.mickeybarmama.com

Over the years this festive version of Mickey has become iconic in the Disney parks during autumn! So why not have this adorable face as part of your own fall home decor?


Mickey Mouse String Art

Photo Credit: albiongould.com

String art is very unique and easy, even for those who've never crafted before! Make a mouse themed version using this tutorial.


Mouse Coffee Cozies

Photo Credit: www.craftystaci.com

These were made for a wedding anniversary, but don't you think these Mickey and Minnie coffee sleeves would be a fun gift for any time of year?


Disney-Inspired Photo Frames

Where do you hold your Disney pictures? Why in themed frames, of course! These are very easy to paint and make great gifts.


Disney Savings Jar

Photo Credit: craftingintherain.com

Learn to make a cute upcycled Disney savings jar for you or your kiddos to start saving trip money. You have to get ready for those souvenirs!


How to Make Easy Mickey Mouse Ears

Photo Credit: lovelyindeed.com

Learn how to make easy Mickey Mouse ears for your kiddos or yourself! Use these at parties, visits to Disney parks, costumes, or play time!


Mouse Hooded Towel

Photo Credit: crazylittleprojects.com

This Minnie themed hooded towel is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I think part of it is that sweet smiling face. If you want the Mickey version? Just don't attach the bow.


Mickey and Minnie Inspired Pillows

Photo Credit: www.5littlemonsters.com

Get a free tutorial for a mouse inspired pillow set. You use simple color blocked piecing with classic Mickey and Minnie colors to give square pillows the look of the characters.


Disney Park Ticket Keepsake

Photo Credit: acountrygirlslife.com

Where do you keep your Disney keepsakes? How about in this cute little display! This is just like our basic wall organizer,


Mouse Resin Shaker Charm

Photo Credit: www.artsyfartsymama.com

Made with epoxy resin, this shaker can be used as a purse charm or keychain, and makes a fantastic gift idea. There are quite a few steps, but these charms are relatively simple to make and have adorable results!


Mickey Tic Tac Toe in a Bag

Photo Credit: gatherlemons.com

This tic tac toe is great for on-the-go fun, because everything stores inside the bag! The playing board is on one of the sides of the bag, and theme is your favorite mouse.


How to Make a Disney Ear Holder

Photo Credit: www.sandandorsnow.com

Need a convenient place to store all of your mouse ears? This is a cute idea for a kids' room and perfect for a mouse enthusiast.


Mickey Mouse Button Art

Photo Credit: thecrazycraftlady.com

Calling all Disney fans that love buttons! You can make these simple canvases with basic button colors.


Mickey and Minnie Planters

Photo Credit: chipandco.com

There's something about red, back, and yellow that just says Mickey Mouse! I love these painted pots, especially with the big white dots.


DIY Rope Coasters For Mickey Lovers

Photo Credit: dollarcrafter.com

Learn how to make DIY rope coasters for Mickey Mouse lovers! You can use them to protect furniture from water rings, and they make great subtle gifts for farmhouse lovers.


Disney Inspired Ornaments

Make these Disney inspired ornaments for your Christmas tree this holiday season! It's easy to create either a Mickey or a Minnie in a few simple steps.


Crochet Mickey Mouse Amigurumi

Photo Credit: itssocorinney.com

Get a free pattern and tutorial to make an easy crochet Disney's Mickey Mouse amigurumi ball! Cute for a baby's toy or to sit on a shelf as decor.


Minnie & Mickey Mouse Mason Jars

These mason jars are a fun craft to create for the Mickey lover! Upcycle your glass jars for this adorable Disney-inspired craft.


DIY Mickey Mouse Wreath

With a floral foam ring and two floral foam discs (all from the dollar store), you've got yourself a base for the cutest Mickey Mouse wreath! The rest is just wrapping yarn.


DIY Disney Keychain with Ribbon Tassel

Show your Disney spirit with a DIY Mickey keychain with a ribbon tassel! It’s a perfect craft for gift giving and for a Disney stocking stuffer.


DIY Snow-Mice Earrings

Photo Credit: www.pbjadventurebook.com

The snow mouse is one of my favorite Mickey's! Learn how to make Mickey earrings for the holidays with Jenn's tutorial.

If you enjoyed these Mickey Mouse crafts, let me know in the comments! I’d love for you to check out these other ideas:

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