Minikin handmade paper dolls by artist Adrienne Brown-David

I recently discovered the charming Minikin paper dolls by Adrienne Brown-David. This American artist and mother of four girls created a sweet line of vintage-inspired paper figurines. At first, she lovingly made them as  a special gift for her daughters to play with. She wanted her girls to have a uniquely personalised toy.  Eventually, that desire lead to her current project, making her creation available to all.

Now that Nayou can better manipulate scissors, I opted for a couple of sets from the downloadable collection. Their design is truly unique and we both love the little details. We had a lot of fun colouring, cutting and preparing the dollies for play.  And what a delightful way to spend quality time with my daughter! Nayou really enjoyed making them and decorating their outfits.

After playing with her Minikin dolls, I noticed how carefully she placed them in her treasure box (an old shoe box really 😉 ) and I can see she really loves playing with them. So, I gave her a piece of tissue paper to protect them even better until the next time she want to take them out. These adorable paper dolls have not been officially named, by one is “Mama as a child” and I love that it made my daughter think of me. They would also make an adorable wall display when not in use, simply tape a  cute little string to the back and voilà!

There are currently 12 different pre-made boys and girls paper-doll options to choose from! Each of them comes with their set of clothes, that can be selected, adding additional sets as desired.  And what’s really special is that Adrienne will create a custom item upon request to celebrate a child’s unique beauty. I think that would truly be a very special gift!

x Mariam

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