Missing Number Robots

Do you need some fast-prep activity sheets for reinforcing number order, counting and missing number sequences?

Our robot pages will engage and excite your learners as well as supporting a review of early number order. 

Use them in a plastic sleeve with a dry erase marker to conserve paper! 

Also, here is a no-prep robot math game to play. It's perfect as a warm up or as a lesson transition. It requires no prep. Students will:
  • become familiar with numbers by listening and counting
  • count one number more

To play:

  • one child is chosen to be the robot and stands before the class
  • the class reach out and pretend to 'push the robots button'
  • the student selects a number from 1-10 without telling the class (I would also recommend getting the robot to whisper this to you before the game starts, so he/she/they are ready without delay)
  • the robot performs a count of this number without using words - claps, funny sounds, jumps, hops, clicks, hums etc
  • the class must count along in their mind to identify the number
  • once the robot has completed the count, the class repeat it back with 1 extra - identifying the number that is one more than
  • repeat as soften as time allows and celebrate your student's clever counting

I hope your students have fun being number robots! 

Don't forget that here on the blog a while ago I shared a robot place value game with you. It can be used as a coloring page or you can team it with dice and equipment for building sets of 10. 

I do get asked occasionally where I got the 'cogs' for the robot game - please know that you do not need them to play - you could use something as simple as single mini craft sticks for the ones and bundles of 10 for the tens. But if you'd like these, search: Interlocking plastic discs on Amazon or Maths Flower Disks at KMart.

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