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Beautiful Freak Owner, DJ & Elder Goth Extrodinare Avril Korman and I go back a long time! We were childhood friends growing up in The Bronx, New York and I became a HUGE fan of her Goth Cosmetics line!

Her high-quality products are handcrafted, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, made in the USA by Goths for anyone! I support her efforts running a small, woman owned and operated business that celebrates the Goth community!

I asked her to pull together some custom Valentine’s Day Boxes for my family and she went above and beyond!

She’s written descriptors and provided photos of my family’s gift box items and the songs that inspired them below. 

You can order your own individual or custom gift items for Valentine’s Day as well! Just hit the link below and “shop till you drop! 

Love You To Death

Song: London After Midnight – Love You to Death
I Love You to Death made its debut at the 2021 Darksome Craft Market: Love You to Death event!

The scent on this is Rosehip, Reishi mushroom, and Freshly turned earth, which gives it a nice, barefoot walk through a graveyard feel. Amazing for Grounding baths!

It also glows in the dark! The Skull will keep watch over your bath space between uses. Avril also hand antiques each bar herself, which gives every order that extra spooky splash of love in the dark.

Under Your Skin (Set of 3 Minis)

Song: Aesthetic Perfection – Under Your Skin

Horrorgoths rejoice, a soap for your very own sensibilities.  Is it a statement on the horrific nature of Valentine’s Day? Maybe.  Is it a nod to personal trauma? Definitely. Is it a statement about shared humanity?  Sure.  Is it because Daniel Graves really wanted lip balm? Yes.  (that’s not actually a joke, I’m serious about that.)

But here it is – an exposed anatomical human heart under a ripped open “skin” layer.  The heart and skin layer are hand-painted, and because people (and vampires) come in many colors you have four options to choose from (vampire, light, medium, and dark).  All versions smell the same- a mixture of deep red pomegranate, blood, and sweet orange, and background notes of bergamot,  grapefruit, dried rose petals, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk.


Dust and A Shadow Body Butter

Song: Shriekback- Dust and A Shadow

Our interpretation of a Shriekback classic (and if you don’t know this song, just don’t tell us.  It’s too heartbreaking to contemplate.) Dust and a Shadow features vanilla, patchouli, leather, tobacco, smoked cedar and grave dirt.

Increase the Treatment body butters are best used after a bath or shower while your skin is still warm. Though they have a light consistency, a little goes a long way, as they contain nothing but moisturizing butters, oils, and a bit of starch for smooth application, along with vitamin E.  You can use them all over your body, and they’re especially good for people prone to dry skin. You simply rub them on your skin so they’re absorbed like a lotion.


Chemistry Bath Bomb

Song: Shadows Beloved – Chemistry (All I Need)

Chemistry is a light, unisex, green scent with crisp notes including bamboo and grapefruit, and blended with bergamot, decadent cyclamen, jasmine, and wild grass, mixed with a touch of ginger.  It’s perfect for summer, very refreshing, and named for a song by Shadows Beloved (that you can find, listen to, and buy right here: https://shadowsbeloved.bandcamp.com/releases)

These bath bombs are huge, elaborately skull-shaped,  and weigh in at just over 9 oz. each.   They come in two versions, painted and unpainted.

They are highly scented and will fill your entire bathroom with fragrance as well as fizz up a storm for a long-lasting bath experience.


Love Like Blood Full-Size Bar

Song: Leaether Strip – Love Like Blood

The holidays are over and Valentine’s Day will soon be here. Sometimes you have to go with a classic. Enter, Love Like Blood, a classic if there ever was one.

Our soap version is scented with brandy, black cherry, and sweet cream — a scent chosen by popular vote in a contest we held in 2017 for this very thing.  The main body of the soap is a glittery black, with a white bat inset into a dripping red pool.  Perfect for all you gothic sweethearts out there.  Each soap weighs around 3.5 ounces (~99 grams) and are hand-assembled using two separate molds in multiple processes


Pink Orange Red Body Butter

Song – Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red

Soften your skin and moisturize to the next level with Beautiful Freak body butters and scrubs.

Pink Orange Red is a swirling blend of cranberry, blood orange, and sweet orange that gives off a bright and mouthwatering fruity scent.

Normal is overrated. Almost everyone (other than our webmistress) who works with and for us are full time members of the goth community and all our products (all of them) are named after songs (not all are goth tracks- we do a fair bit of industrial and darkwave/futurepop stuff too.) . But the point is the same – by goths, for everybody. We understand we are never going to be a mainstream company. We’re happy with that.


Sublime Ravings & Nature’s Dark Passion Lip Balms

Songs – The Damned – Nature’s Dark Passion & Christine Plays Viola – Sublime Ravings

Nature’s Dark Passion. Rich, deep, and indulgent.   The scent of luscious devil’s food cake and bright, sharp orange.

Sublime Ravings is flavored with ginger and lime; these give you just the right amount of sour pucker and a strong, spicy punch (and it is strong. Not kidding).

Our lip balms come in the same flavors as our delicious scrubs, so you can keep that wonderful taste and scent all day long, while you protect your lips with shea butter and vitamin E.


Atomic Eyes Bath Salts

Song – The Rain Within – Atomic Eyes

Atomic Eyes is here to whisk you away with a (synth)wave of juicy scents.  It’s a bright mix of tangerine and apricot, backed by a citrus blend with ginger blossom, a hint of vanilla, and dogwood. A little fruit, a little spice, a little woodsy, and all deliciously magical.

Soak yourself into darkness with Drowning Like the Garden. Drowning Like the Darkness Bath Salts are perfect for unwinding after a long day, relaxing, and plotting world domination.  Or something.  Just add a few spoons to your bathwater to create the perfect bath experience.

Sirens & Satellites Gloom Cookies (shower steamers)

Song – Ego Likeness – Sirens & Satellites

Sirens & Satellites feature the scent of your eventual doom beneath the waves. Or at least someone’s doom.  Doesn’t have to be yours, you know.  You can just be the siren yourself. You smell everything before you smell nothing at all. Notes of bergamot, orange, sparkling cassis, deep seawater, hyacinth, blue lilies, lemon zest, patchouli, seaweed,  cucumber water, and ocean rain are all present but are not individually picked out.

It’s a complicated scent, full of the power of the ocean.  The sea will let you borrow it for a while and get clean in the process, even if you’re just spending your evening strangling people with bits of seaweed.  You don’t have to be some friendly mermaid longing for life on land.  You can be the one who is tired of all this nonsense and drags sailors to their doom.  Either way, this scent is for you, water witches. The serpents rise again.

Of Lillies and Remains soap

Song – Bauhaus – Of Lillies and Remains

It’s a blend of calla lily, French lavender, lily of the valley, oakmoss and musk. The soap is made with a custom mold and only comes in the mini size (they’re 2 oz, each), though you can buy them as singles or in a set of three.  It also comes in a full array of bath products and body butters/scrubs.  The soaps are molded in color and hand-painted over top for a bit of sparkle.  The base contains a very low detergent content and is extra moisturizing for those with sensitive skin. 50% of all sales of this soap go to Lily Cohen-Moore.

A friend and neighborhood Oracle, Lily Cohen-Moore, was displaced by Hurricane Ida in August of 2021, along with her cat Alex. Both of them have ongoing medical expenses they could use help with as they work on the road to recovery from Ida as they try to rebuild.

Lily has been looking for more remote work in writing and editing, and in addition, she’s an EXCELLENT (really) tarot card reader.  If you want to send money to her directly or to hire her (because she is smart and terrific) you can do both by using LillianC_Moore@protonmail.com

The heart shape is perfect for your favorite spooky loved one, so get them before they’re gone!

Isolate Bath Salts

Song – The Last Cry – Isolate

“These are the things that I feel.”  In conjunction with the lovely people over at The Last Cry,  Beautiful Freak is finally releasing Isolate, named after one of the tracks on their next EP.  The scent is a blend of English tea rose (from Andrew’s tea obsession), black rose and spice, and cut with saltwater tears.

In Elegant Decay Gloom Cookies (heart edition)

(picture coming soon)

Song – Adoration Destroyed – In Elegant Decay

In Elegant Decay’s scent is a combination of lilac, night violet (which breaks down to bergamot, lemon, cucumber water, violet, and jasmine. cashmere, musk, and sap.) and rose, cognac and sugar. It’s a complex, sweet floral. I’m sure the floral fans are gonna love it.

Promised Land Body Butter

Song – Skeletal Family – Promised Land

Promised Land will help you shine with the scent of honey, vanilla, and almond. The body butters are made to order in small batches and is blended with shea butter, vitamin e, and sweet almond oil for a warm, sweet-smelling experience. For those who may be allergic to almonds, there are also almond-free versions – sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes the nut kills you mix. This is scented with vanilla, milk, and honey but contains no almond scent and the sweet almond oil is replaced with a combination of coconut and grapeseed oils.

Sugar and Spice Sugar Scrub

Song – Santa Hates You – Sugar & Spice

Spice things up and let fall into your life at any time of year.  Sugar & Spice has a dark, rich scent, heavily perfumed with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves like the most decadent spice cookie ever.  It will remind you of crisp weather, hot baked treats, and spicy beverages around the fire.

Radiant City whipped sugar body scrubs and Nightmare Zone whipped salt scrubs are designed to exfoliate and moisturize as part of your shower routine.  They are especially good for areas prone to dryness – feet, elbows, hands, and knees.  Though you can use sugar scrubs on your face, be sure to mix them with a bit of water and allow the sugar to dissolve a bit so the abrasive nature of the scrub is lessened.  You can then either simply rinse, or wash off with a water-based cleanser.


Their next event is a virtual Darksome Market event the first weekend in February called  Love You to Death

This website is now LIVE so you browse the artists and check out the website before the event starts on Friday! It supports the efforts of The National Coalition Of Domestic Violence (NCAVD)

All our products are hand poured and all our scents and flavors are hand blended. Every bar of soap we make is unique.

Check her site or write her about deadlines & delivery dates she’s super attentive and will work with you.

So if you’re into a unique Valentine’s Day gift idea or you want to try something new?

Visit Beautiful Geek website  http://beautifulfreakcosmetics.com follow on Instagram and Facebook

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