My Lockdown Silver Linings

It's not something I like to talk about much, on here or social media to be honest. We all know whats going on and I like to be a welcome distraction from the world out there. There's so much going on, it's a life changing, world altering time, it's going to change so much, but I have to admit it, there have been some positives from this time spent in lockdown. I've been tagged by Hannah & The Twiglets to share my lockdown silver linings, the positive things we can all take from this experience.

Being Able To Slow Down
Before all of this, the world was one busy place. We were all so, so busy. Constantly rushing around, with huge to-do lists, waking up early, staying up late. Life was a rush for all of us, and we were all simply burnt out. Having to physically schedule the more important things in life, taking care of yourself and spending time with loved ones. I know that's true for me anyway, my life was literally scheduled hour by hour, week by week, month by month - so it's really nice to be able to relax all of that a bit. Yes, my house may slightly be in chaos, but it's really lovely being able to relax, make the more important things in life a priority right now. 

Spending Quality Time With Family
Speaking of priorities, my little family are my absolute top priority. Looking after my three little cuties, ensuring they are happy, safe and secure. Enjoy playing with them again, getting our craft supplies out, chatting about absolutely everything, spending time in the garden. I strongly believe we have all become closer throughout this experience and it's wonderful. 

Appreciating The Little Things
Now is the perfect time to reflect. Think about all the amazing things you do have and what you should be grateful for, particularly the little things we often take for granted. The sunshine beaming through my window in the morning, the rain holding off so you can all play outside. Watching my little ones play nicely together, my littlest not only mastering walking but running too, as well as talking too. Having a roof over our heads, being able to lock ourselves safe away when not everyone cannot do the same. Teaching your little ones simple things like planting seeds, baking a cake, writing the alphabet.

Realising Kindness Is Everywhere
Society has really come together through this don't you agree? We are all having to distance ourselves, but it's really helped to show everyones true colours. Neighbours helping out neighbours, friends helping friends. Long distance families communicating more than they ever did before. Donating to charities and good causes, raising money, working hard to take care of the vulnerable and elderly. Even simple things like letting people jump ahead of you in the queue, or bigger things like celebrities sharing their knowledge online and educating our children. Kindness is absolutely everywhere right now and it's lovely to see. We are all in this together after all. 

Celebrating The Unsung Heroes
The little people who used to go unnoticed, the people who were paid the least, who weren't being appreciated - those people are the heroes. Without the NHS workers, shop workers, emergency services, prison workers, teachers, bin men, carers, delivery drivers - we simply couldn't have gotten through this. They are the fighters who have been continuously going to work, risking themselves to protect us all. Every single one of them is an absolute hero and they deserve to be treated as such. Fingers crossed after this is all over, the world will realise just how important their roles are, what incredible humans they are. 

Embracing The Love In Our Family
As I mentioned above, we've definitely all become so much closer through this experience. My children are playing nicely together (most of the time), cuddles, snuggles and kisses are in absolute abundance, my husband and I are keeping each other laughing constantly. We're telling stories more, playing together more, talking, giggling, protecting each other. I've never felt so loved, or in love more in my life.  All 5 of us are coming out of this stronger than ever before.

Learning To Be More Creative
We have all been learning to be more creative throughout this time. Whether it's coming up with craft ideas using recycled materials, colouring and drawing throughout the day, or even coming up with new meals and using up the ingredients we have in the cupboard. It's definitely helped us all to reduce the amount we throw away, and we've been having fun expressing our creativity too! It's been great to have this time to be able to bake together, make together and generally get messy!

Mother Earth Is Healing Herself
I cant believe just how much the world has changed, even just after a few months. A few months of people staying at home with their families more. A few months without rush hour traffic and towns, cities, constantly busy with people always in a rush, always have somewhere to be. Air pollution has dropped, rivers and canals are cleaning themselves, animals have had great fun exploring new places haha! The Ozone layer is healing, and so many people have rediscovered the wonders of nature and the importance of getting outside!

Thank you to Twin Mummy and Daddy for starting off this tag!
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