National Geographic Has 8 Weeks of Summer Awesomeness For Your Kids

Summer boredom busted! National Geographic just launched the Planet Possible Family Challenge and made it a lot more fun to get outside together. And don’t tell the kids, but a little learning will be involved, too.

Over the next eight weeks, look for a new challenge every Thursday to complete with your family. The first one is live now: explore the ground with a (homemade) magnifier! Each challenge has three parts: a DIY component, using the handmade tool or craft to explore biodiversity and tips on protecting the natural world.

The new program is part of National Geographic’s Planet Possible initiative, dedicated to inspiring everyone to live more lightly on the planet. While you wait for the next challenge, look around on the site for other entertaining and informative activities. Learn how to become a wildlife detective, forest bathe, or grow an indoor garden! You’ll also find more craft ideas, including making a homemade telescope or “elephant toothpaste.”

Time to start exploring! There’s no better resource than National Geographic for a little education on our beautiful world. Spend a little time outside this weekend and start June on the right note!

—Sarah Shebek

Images courtesy of Caitlin Holbrook (21st Century Fox) and Matthew Rakola