No Sew Yarn Teddy Bear Craft

All the kids I know will be getting one of these yarn teddy bears as a gift for every holiday! This DIY by Merry Craft was so fun and easy to make. It would be a great craft for any child’s birthday party too because it is simple enough for them to make on their own. In the video, Merry Craft used white and pink yarn, but you could use any two-color you like.

Materials Needed For This DIY:

  • Yarn In Two Colors
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Hot Glue


Step One

Start by wrapping one color of yarn around a toilet paper roll 5o times. Make sure you are wrapping it around itself, so the diameter of the yarn isn’t too large.

Wrap Yarn Around Paper Roll - Yarn Bear Craft

Image by. Merry Craft via YouTube video.

Step Two

Remove the yarn from the toilet paper roll by slowly sliding it off the roll. Be careful to not separate the yarn in this step. Next, take a piece of yarn separately and tie it around the yarn you just took off the roll. You will want to make two of these. Trim the excess yarn off so the yarn length is ll equal.

Step Three

Use two fingers to wrap the second color of yarn around. Do the same this you did in the previous step. You will want to make seven of these yarn balls.

Step Four

Begin attaching the yarn balls together. You will place two of small pieces onto the top of the large yarn balls as ears, then two for arms, two for legs and one for a tail.

Glue Pieces Of Yarn Bear Together - Easy Yarn Craft

Image by. Merry Craft via YouTube video.

Step Five

Using small black cotton balls, attach them to the face of the bear to look like eyes and a nose. And that it! You can accessorize the bears as much as you’d like.

Yarn Teddy Bear DIY

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