Nomad makes scents!

Transport yourself to a time, place or feeling with the strike of a match.

Nomad Candle Co. puts a daily indulgence right at your fingertips. Your sense of smell connects to the same part of your brain that processes emotion and memory — it makes sense that treating your nose does wonders for your whole body.

Local lass Mel Barnes created her sweet-smelling business based on treasured memories. “I grew up spending a lot of time with my late grandma. We were always doing something creative in the garden, sewing, cooking or making candles,” Mel fondly recalls.

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Mel started making candles in her mum’s kitchen for herself, friends and family and loved sending them off into the world to do their thing, like happy little nomads. Now, she’s fully embracing her craft in a studio in the outskirts of the Barossa and she’s ready to take you on a journey every time you light one of her masterpieces. Made from pure soy wax, Nomad candles are vegan- friendly and completely biodegradable, which is perfect for Mama Nature.

“My range is always evolving and has plenty of zesty fragrances for a warm, sunshiney-feel; and lots of comforting woody, earthy tones. Whatever your mood, you’ll find something to lift your spirits and take you on a little wellbeing journey.”

Image credit: Fable & Fig Photography

Mel’s extending her artistry by collaborating with other local creators who inspire her. “I’ve recently released The Artist Collection, which features the incredible artwork of Natalie Broham. I’m also working with an amazing ceramicist, Guy Ringwood of Ringwood Arts Co., on unique porcelain vessels for The Artisan Collection. It’s a real treat for the senses and supports small businesses in the process.”

Making these mood-boosters affordable for everyone, Nomad also offers melts, reed diffusers and refills, so setting the scene doesn’t need to break the bank.

Image credit: Fable & Fig Photography

Where can you find these bundles of joy?

Order them online with a click of your fingers, keep your eyes peeled in plenty of good stores across SA, or look out for Mel at any of SA’s best markets — she’s a delight and meeting her just adds to the feel-good experience. “I love a good market — it’s a great opportunity to chat with people, get feedback on what they love and it can inspire new ideas.”

Image credit: Fable & Fig Photography

With so many challenges in this hectic world, putting a match to a Nomad candle is a simple way to add a little self-care and joy into your day. And we say amen to those good vibes!


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