Out and about in the world (my artwork)

Morning Run by Lisa Call – framed and in it’s new home

Completing the Process

As much as I love making art for the shear joy of making. The process feels complete after I have shared it with the world. The connection and conversation is priceless.

Over the last year (ish) I have been collecting images people have shared with me of my artwork out in the world – in their homes or on exhibition. I’m most honored when it is artwork that has been purchased and placed in someone’s space.

Thank you to all that have shared these images with me to share.

Another view of Morning Run by Lisa Call (back wall)

In the foreground of the above image is a work by Erin Wilson. I’m honored to be included in a collection with her work. We met years ago when we were both exhibiting at the American Craft Council shows in Baltimore.

Hope by Lisa Call – framed and adding another spark of yellow to this bathroom.
May I Have this Dance by Lisa Call

I definitely recommend buying art to match your pets. 😊

Big Birds House is Yellow by Lisa Call

A smaller work paired with a plant – lovely arrangement!

The Art of Disappearing by Lisa Call on Display

This work spent a bit of time out of the owners private space to be enjoyed by a larger audience for a period of time during covid.

Changing Threads / New Zealand Quilt Symposium

And now a few of my pieces on display at a few exhibitions.

The first two are from Changing Threads in 2022. I didn’t manage enter this exhibition for 2023 due to timing. I will endeavour to enter again in 2024 as it is a well run show devoted to textile and fibre art here in New Zealand.

The three works on the left hand side are mine.

The work in the front on the right is by Helen Beaven. Thank you Helen for the images!

Another view of my work
Excerpt from article in Context by Moira White

Moira White wrote a wonderful review of the exhibition last year and it was published in Context – the publication for The Costume and Textile Association of New Zealand.

Pairs (and me) at the New Zealand Quilt Symposium in 2022

And lastly – for the first time in a very very long time (maybe 20 years?) I entered a weekend quilt show. This is my with one of my works. I did indeed win a ribbon – for best machine quilting. I put a lot of thread into this piece.

A few close up images of the quilting (click for bigger image)

Pairs by Lisa Call – detail
Pairs by Lisa Call- detail

Creative Heritage

And following along with the idea of being out and about in the world.

In my last post I wrote about my creative heritage and tow people took up the challenge to write their own stories.

You can read there posts here:

Both are wonderful stories. Thank you for sharing!

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