Paint CDs – Tips, Ideas, And How To!

Are you ready to try a new paint craft? Paint CDs! Yes, this fun and easy craft needs only a few craft supplies and CDs. This is an awesome teen craft but, also can be used as a kid’s craft or adult craft.

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Paint CDs

Paint CDs - Have you ever wondered how to paint CDs Try this paint craft! Crafts for Kids, Teen Craft and Adult Crafts. - See this DIY Craft Project + Tips

If you are like us you probably have old CDs lying inside a desk or drawer. But, if not you can grab them on Amazon, office supply stores, or look for them at yard sales. Why not upcycle them into art?! You will need acrylic paint, clear gesso, paintbrushes, water, and your imagination! Honestly, any skill level can do this painting craft.

CDs Aesthetic - Instructions and tips for painting CDs. Fun and easy paint craft project. DIY -

Paint CDs For Your Dorm Room Wall

Before Sammie left for college she painted CDs to decorate her dorm room wall. If you are heading off to college and want an inexpensive way to add colors, designs, and CD aesthetic to your dorm walls. Use a stick and peel hangers like Command Strips to secure them to the dorm room walls. Just note: Always be sure of the dorm rules prior to hanging items on the walls.

If you are taking the CDs to college – When packing the CDs that have been painted to take to college. Store them carefully, use wax paper between the designs (after fully dried) stacking them carefully into a box. Wrapping the stack with something like bubble wrap. Keep the painted CDs out of the heat and sun!

Paint CDs - How to paint CDs Try this paint craft! Crafts for Kids, Teen Craft and Adult Crafts. - See this DIY Craft Project + Tips

Use Painting CDs as a Summer Craft or Rainy Day Craft!

If you have kids ages 6+, pre-teens, or teens who are looking for a fun project this is perfect for them too! And any adults will have fun with this too! I even made a few with them!

And when my granddaughters came to visit. One who is a teen and the other six years old they saw some of the CD art Sammie didn’t bring with her to college. They asked if they could paint CDs too. I said yes! This is an easy paint craft to set up and do. And this painting project entertained them for hours!


  1. New CDs or used
  2. Clear Gesso
  3. Acrylic Paints
  4. Paint Pens (optional)
  5. Paint Brushes

Other Supplies

  1. Water in a water container or jar (for rinsing the paintbrushes)
  2. Paper towels (for spills and messes)
  3. A protective cover for your table – We use a thin wood board we picked up at the lumber yard. You can use a garbage bag opened up or a disposable picnic table cover.

Paint CD Ideas

Paint CD Ideas - Instructions and tips for painting CDs. Fun and easy for kids, teens and adults. Find out more -
  1. Ying Yang
  2. Peace Sign
  3. Martians
  4. Smiley Face
  5. Clouds
  6. Rainbows
  7. Unicorns
  8. Palm Trees
  9. Fire
  10. Cow Print
  11. Butterflies
  12. Bees
  13. Fruit – Oranges, Cherries, Strawberries…
  14. Waves
  15. Cactus
  16. Check Patterns
  17. Donuts
  18. Flowers – daisies, roses, iris…
  19. Music Notes
  20. Piano Keys
  21. Retro Designs
  22. Galaxy Designs


How To Paint CDs

How To Paint CDs - DIY for kids, teens and adults - Made with acrylic paints, CDs, and paintbrushes... -
  1. First, make sure your CDs are clean and dry. (Our CDs Did not need any overlays removed. If your CD does and you need help see the CD video linked at (12:06) it shows the steps and how to remove!)
  2. Paint the CDs with a coat of clear gesso. This creates a nice base where the paint will grip and not slide on the surface, making it easier to paint the CD.
  3. If you don’t have clear gesso you can use gesso (that isn’t clear) But, your base coat will be opaque and not see-through for your designs.
  4. Let the gesso dry completely. While it’s drying you can decide what designs you would like to paint. (Pinterest has lots of ideas! But, I will list a few cd paint ideas below.)
  5. Paint your designs by looking at other’s designs, drawing out a design first with a pencil lightly, or just painting different colors into a design.
  6. When switching paint colors be sure to rinse your paintbrush until the paint bristles (and barrel) are fully clean.
  7. Squeeze out any excess water.
  8. Begin using your new color.
  9. Repeat the process until you have completed your painted CD!
  10. Optionally, you can use paint pens to write words, draw designs or make accents.

Should you seal the surface of the CD design after painting it?

If you want to seal the design. You can use a product like Mod Podge Sealer (in matte) or (in gloss) Or a spray sealer such as this DecorArt brand Acrylic Paint Sealer or one like this Krylon Acrylic Sealer. Both are my favorites!

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What to do make with CDs? What to make with painted CDs?

  1. Decorate a wall
  2. Decorate the wall of your dorm room with a CD wall collage
  3. Make a CD Wind Chime
  4. Glue felt to the back of the CDs and make CD coasters
  5. Cover a jewelry box
  6. Make a mosaic with them
  7. Make CD Curtains
  8. Ceiling decoration
  9. Pen Holder
  10. Sun Catcher

(source) for some of the ideas.

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