Paper Aeroplane Launcher

This easy paper aeroplane launcher is a great STEM project for kids. We spent a long time perfecting the design of the launcher and then even longer finding the best size plane to use.

Once you’ve got the launcher working you can experiment with different trajectories and shape and sizes of planes to see which fly the furthest.

You’ll need

Sheet of thick cardboard

Paper for aeroplanes



Elastic band


Use the card to build a launch platform similar to the images below. We used a hot glue gun ( ask an adult to help if you do it this way )

Carefully poke two holes where the back of the aeroplane will sit.

Cut the elastic band to it’s no longe a loop and thread it through the holes.

Tape each end securely to the the bottom of the platform.

Build some paper aeroplanes and place in the launcher ready to test.

Pull the paper plane back and watch it fly.

Experiment with different types of planes and paper.

Extension Tasks

Draw a landing zone with chalk and try to get your planes to land in the zone!

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