Paper Pumpkin Craft – Perfect for Fall and Easy for Kids too!

If you're looking for a fun paper pumpkin craft that is SUPER easy and cute for kids to do, check this one out. It's SO fun too!

paper pumpkin craft finished for Fall

Paper Pumpkin Craft – SUPER Cute for Fall!

Looking for an easy (penny pinched) way to fluff up your home for fall? You'll love this. 🙂

items for pumpkin craft

Items needed for this pumpkin craft:

  • Assorted fall colored/themed scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue or hot glue, glue gun
  • Wine cork or twig

How to make a paper pumpkin:

crafting strips of paper

Start by cutting your craft paper into one inch wide strips. You'll need anywhere from 5-6 strips per pumpkin.

craft paper rings

Take the first strip and add a dab of glue to the ends, then join the ends together to make a loop. Hold the loop in place until it's dry and won't pop open.

Paper Pumpkin
Continue adding strips in this same loop fashion around your main loop. You will continue to add strips until the pumpkin is full (around 5-6 strips).

using wine corks for crafting
Move and adjust the strips so that the pumpkin looks full.

Finished Paper Pumpkin Craft for Fall
Add a good amount of glue to a wine cork or twig. Press it gently to the top of the pumpkin and hold it in place until it's dry.

pumpkin shaped crafts that kids can do
Place this paper pumpkin anywhere you need some fall fluffing!

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