Purr-fect Cat Birthday Party Ideas

Cat Birthday Party Ides for Pets and Kids

Don’t be a furball! Throw a Purr-fectly planned Cat Birthday Party. Cattastic kitty party ideas for pets and their tiny humans.  Make a cat birthday hat, bake a cool cat cake, download a free cat printable, and find all the cat party decor you could need for your (fur or furless) loved one. Happy celebrating! 

Cat Birthday Party

Cat Birthday Party Ides for Pets and Kids

Does your kitty have a special place in your heart? Parents can be pretty extra when it comes to celebrating another year in the life of their kid – Furball or human – and that is okay! We have some of the most creative cat birthday party ideas for pets and humans. Enjoy these cat-tastic cat themed birthday party cakes, party games, cat party decor ideas and more.

Happy celebrating your special day!

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Cat Birthday Party Ideas for Pets

Cat Birthday Party Ideas for a Pet

Take a look at these cattastic, cool cat pet birthday party ideas. From drinks, to cakes, birthday photos and more. Happy birthday!

How to Make a Cat Birthday Party Hat

Every cool cat needs a party hat. Follow this tutorial for how to make a birthday hat for your pet. | Jedi Craft Girl

Cat Party Ideas | Cat Birthday Cake Recipe

Follow this pet recipe for cats. Have a tuna kitty birthday cake for the birthday cat and kitty cat cupcakes for the humans. Cats love when they get eat their own birthday cake, of course! | Mommity

Cat Party Decor with Birthday Banner and Cat Party Ideas

This Cat Birthday Party Set  great set because those little dangly ribbon cats can double as cat toys when you’re through with them. In addition, this kitty party set comes with a birthday banner, Mylar balloons and a cat centerpiece.

Cat Party Ideas for Pets

Take an annual birthday picture of your cat. Watch how your cat grows (or just stays the same – wink!) | Polka-Dotty Place

Sidewalk Chalk Art with paw prints - Cat Party Ideas

Decorate the front walk with side walk chalk. Cool cats and party go-ers will know where the party is at! | Source

Cat Party Ideas - Cat Drink Markers & Labels

Have some tasty adult beverages for the humans. Mark off drinks with wine lives Kitty Drink Markers.

Cattastic Crafts : DIY Project for Cats and Cat People

Have activities for the attending guests celebrating the pet cat. Pick up this book Cattastic Crafts : DIY Project for Cats and Cat People. All the crafts they are made can be used for the birthday pet!

Cat Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Cat Themed Birthday Parties for Kids

Of course the humans and owners sometimes have birthday parties too. These kids’ cat themed birthday party ideas are purr-fect for the non-furballs.

Cat Party Games and Cat Birthday Ideas

Looking for cat birthday party games and activities for the kids aka kittens? Take a look at these kitty cat games for loads of party fun. | Nestling Design

Cat Birthday Party Balloons - Kitty Party Decor & Crafts

Try this budget-friendly decor. For the party balloons, use black construction paper to cut ears, and a nose and whiskers. Tape them onto balloons to create adorable cat birthday balloons. You can also purchase cat latex balloons instead of making your own.| Delia Creates

you've cat to be kitten me right meow free printable

Have some fun cat quotes around. Make them to adorn tables. You can add this adorable cat party decor – you’ve cat to be kitten me right meow free printable. | Mod Podge Rocks

Cat Birthday Ideas - Cat Mask with Party Hat

Give everyone a fun pet name and let them wear a fun little cat masks with party hats. (This set is sold out but you can grab a similar set here.)

purr-fect cat themed birthday party cake ideas

For a purr-fect cat themed birthday party cake, take this to your baker for inspiration! You could also pick up these cat shaped cake toppers.  | Project Nursery

Adopt a Kitty Station Cat Birthday Party Ideas

Have a pet adoption station where party visitors can adopt there very own Beanie Boo’s. Compare prices with Webkinz Cats. | Modern Glam (a lot of great kitty party ideas from Ashley)

Cat Party Ideas | Kitty Litter Bucket with Candy

Serve candy in a kitty litter bucket. You can use a brand new kitty scooper as a spoon. | The Purple Pug

Cat Party Decor Ideas for a Girls Birthday Party

Create this cute cat party tablescape with balls of yarn, cat pails,  cat cookies and cat ear headbands. You can grab these metal white pails and Sharpie Permanent Markers to make your own.| Pretty Plain Janes

Cheese Mice | Cat Birthday Party Recipe and Food

Using triangular cheese and crackers, create a lip smacking, tasty mice snack. | Hostess with the Mostess


Themed Birthday birthday party ideas for boys and girls

We have many more themed birthday party ideas for boys and girls. Save many of these for ideas for future years or for other children and pets too!

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Enjoy another year!