See Inside The Renovated Camper From Workin’ For The Wild

Photos and video courtesy of Workin’ For The Wild

Workin’ For The Wild Shows Off Their Renovated Camper

Rachel and Cole of Workin’ For The Wild shared a look inside their beautifully renovated camper, a 2007 Frontier Explorer S190 they found on Facebook Marketplace.

Over the course of about a year, they gave the 18-foot camper an entire makeover inside and out, and it was completely transformed from a plain RV into a more stylish and modern home on wheels.

The camper renovation

The camper got a fresh new paint job, with a bright red color that makes the exterior pop. Nearly everything inside the travel trailer was updated as well. The interior was updated with various paints from Sherwin-Williams; they chose “Shade Grown” for the cabinets, “Snowbound” for the walls, and “Tricorn Black” for accents on the bed and nightstand.

before renovated camper
The 2007 Frontier Explorer S190, before the renovation.
after renovated camper
After the paint job

The interior

The original dinette was swapped out for an L-shaped dining area to give the space a more open feel. They created new cushions from four-inch memory foam and upholstered them with a neutral fabric from a local craft store.

inside the kitchen in the renovated camper
Dining and lounging area
inside the kitchen in the renovated camper
Kitchen/half wall

The kitchen & bedroom

The kitchen is separated from the bedroom by a half wall. This wall was originally going to be removed, but they decided it was going to be too much work to take it out, so they painted it white and added a stained board on the end to give it a more finished look. In addition, they mounted a shelf to maximize storage.

kitchen in renovated camper
The beautiful new butcher block counter
bedroom in renovated camper
The cozy interior

They also gave the kitchen a beautiful new butcher block countertop, as well as a new copper sink.

“The DIY butcher block countertop was one of the most challenging elements of the renovation but so worth it! The wood combined with the copper sink brought this little corner to life. I originally put a peel and stick tile backsplash in the space, but swapped it out for painted tongue and groove. Turns out peel and stick tiles don’t do well with dramatic temperature swings!”

– Rachel and Cole via Workin For The Wild
bedroom in camper
Luna and Lady on the bed
door in camper
Plenty of hooks to hang hats, leashes, and jackets

The bathroom

The bathroom got a stylish new peel-and-stick wallpaper from Home Depot. “I probably ordered six samples before deciding on this one!” Rachel shares on their website. The bathroom also got a new copper sink that adds an elegant touch to the space.

bathroom in camper
The gorgeous (and lightweight!) cedar tongue and groove wall
bathroom in camper
The bathroom

Follow their full-time RV journey

Along with their two dogs, Luna and Lady, the couple left their home in Denver in May 2022 and have been documenting their full-time RV journey ever since.

“I love when people ask about our most memorable RV life moment so far. It’s not even close. The day we left our house in Denver. It wasn’t a particularly thrilling day, we just drove 6 hours through eastern Colorado and Nebraska. But that day marked the end of so much: 2.5 years of talking about it, 2 years of wondering how or if I could leave my career, 1 year of sporadic camper renovations, months of working up the courage to tell our families, days of loading everything into a storage unit and selling the rest. What a time!”

– Via Instagram

You can follow their adventures on their website,, and follow them on Instagram or TikTok to see their latest updates.

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