Seven Creative Leaf Projects For Fall

This morning I walked outside and gasped. It wasn’t hot. It wasn’t humid. It was cool and light and airy. And as I watched, a leaf drifted to the ground. Sigh. My favorite season. My favorite day. My favorite minute. You know. That moment that you realize that fall is officially here. And so today I want to celebrate with a few fall leaf projects and next week I can’t wait to take you on a little tour and show you all the decorating I’ve been working on. Here are 7 creative leaf projects for fall.

1. Dyed burlap painted leaf pillow

These burlap pillows had seen better days. They were damaged and a little sad and worn and pitiful. Some people might have tossed them. But why? When you can dye them and paint them. See the entire DIY project here.

2. DIY Book page leaf wreath

The only thing cuter than a fall wreath is a fall wreath made from stuff you have just laying around the house. You don’t need a penny to make this wreath. Just a few book pages and a wreath form. You can see the entire DIY here (and a cost-free solution if you don’t have a wreath form).

3. Duck Tape Leaf Runner

The twins and I made this project together back when they thought about braces instead of boys. It’s a fun project for a family craft night or a Thanksgiving table. This runner is made from duck tape and cleans up so easily. You can see the entire DIY here.

4. Decorating with paper leaves

I’ve decorated with book pages in so many different ways that I just grouped them all together here. There are so many ideas. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • Attach them to the side of a hutch with double-stick tape
  • Decorate your mantel by scattering them
  • Add a paper leaf to the top of a wood pumpkin
  • Make a “falling leaf” tree with branches and craft paper leaves

5. Framed leaf project

I found these frames at Target and used them to turn leaves into art. All you need is five minutes and a little yard shopping. You can see the entire DIY here.

6. Stamped leaf pillow

Just when you thought that fall couldn’t go blue and white? I have a few projects for you. This pillow is made from stamping leaves onto a pillow form. You can see the DIY here.

7. Scrapbook leaf pumpkin

And this blue and white pumpkin project is even easier. All you need is a little scrapbook paper and some paint. You can see the five-minute DIY here.

Fall decorating. It’s here. Just like cooler days and crisp mornings and sweater weather and hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows. And I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 PS Here are a few more leaf projects from some of my favorite friends.

The DIY Mommy

DIY Dough Bowl Fall Centerpiece

This beautiful Fall centerpiece not only looks lovely, but it takes less than 15 minutes to make! Use a dough bowl, some faux fall leaves, pumpkins and moss to create this seasonal table centerpiece to decorate your home for autumn.

Happy Happy Nester

How to Make a Bay Leaf Wreath

Make sure to check out How to Make a Bay Leaf Wreath. This helpful tutorial has great tips on how to make the BEST bay laurel wreath.

My 100 Year Old Home

Fall Table Setting DIY

Fall Table Setting DIY 2

I am obsessed with Iron Orchid Designs and all of their products. Look at these amazing Fall Table Setting DIY leaf chargers I made!

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