Simple Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied at Home This Summer

It is a really weird time at the moment, many summer holidays are being postponed and a lot of summer camps and other kids activities are all up in the air. Some of us are still working from home so looking for simple ideas to keep the kids occupied at home this summer.

Simple Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied at Home This Summer

Well, this is my superpower. I am here to provide you with lots of simple ideas for kids crafts, activities and ways to keep our children occupied at home this summer. There’s no doubt about it: trying to juggle working from home with children is challenging. These activity ideas will help you out!

I am a firm believer in keeping things as simple as possible for everyone and also have zero issues with screens and love popping the kids in front of a movie, especially when I can get them to make it an event by printing off tickets, making popcorn and then writing a review as that keeps them occupied for even longer. parenting win!

How to encourage children to keep them self occupied at home

The best way I have found to teach kids to keep themselves occupied is by using a bored jar. A jar where you pop activities and chores in and they pick one out when they have nothing to do.

Simple Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied at Home This Summer

You can keep it simple for younger children and I think the addition of chores is the secret as they never know what they are going to pick out, so it might be make a jigsaw or play on the Xbox, but it might also be vacuum the stairs or walk the dog!

I would recommend making one jar for each child based on their age and aptitude – the aim is to take the pressure off YOU keeping them occupied.

There's no doubt about it: trying to juggle working from home with children is challenging. These activity ideas will help you out! 
Simple Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied at Home This Summer

Sometimes it is just about having an idea and prepping. When I need to work then I prep the activities on a morning ready for keeping the kids occupied. Also, you have to plan for the weather as yes this is the UK!

Brainstorming Summer Activities

A great way to fill up your board jar is to brainstorm activities with the kids. I like to pop each activity on a post it note then you can fold it and pop it in your jar.

The activities do not have to be complicated, in fact, simple activities that your children do anyway work really well. Activities like Hama beads, jigsaws, sticking and glueing, LEGO, colouring, paint by numbers etc. Also, it is a good idea to buy some activity books, such as Magic water painting books (UK Link/US Link), or dot to dot books for times when you need them to be really quiet!

Ideas to keep the kids occupied this summer

Simple Ideas to Keep Kids Occupied at Home This Summer
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