Snickers Pickles, Or ‘Snickles,’ Are The Latest Viral Food Trend

Pickles have often been paired with unusual ingredients like ice cream or peanut butter and mayo. But have you heard of the Snickle?

Since I’ve tried and disliked pickles coated in chocolate, I’m skeptical of this TikTok viral food trend. The Snickle is basically a large dill pickle cut in half lengthwise, with the center carved out to fit a Snickers bar. You can also split the pickle in the middle, dig out the center of each half and stick a piece of the chocolate bar inside.

Take a look at TikTok user William Craft (@williamcraft09) testing this unusual snack out as part of his Yummy or Yucky tests. He gives the Snickle a five out of 10 score, saying it wasn’t as bad as he thought. But he couldn’t get the pickle halves to cover the entire chocolate bar.


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The Snickle may be trending right now but it isn’t a new idea. Videos showing people trying the unusual combination date back to 2018. The Snickers team even taste-tested the combination, which you can watch below.

They described the Snickers-stuffed pickle as smelling like wet paint or a rotten sandwich. And they definitely did not like the taste.

Also back in 2018, YouTube vloggers Good Mythical MORE tried out the Snickle — a version in which the center of a pickle was hollowed out and filled with a Snickers, then put back in the brine for a day.

These taste testers decided the flavors didn’t intermingle when they ate it but rather had distinctly pickle, chocolate and peanut flavors. They then went on to try a McDonald’s chicken nugget inside a pickle and fruit-flavored Tic Tacs in a pickle.

A lot of the TikTok videos of Snickle eating we browsed had negative reactions to the Snickle, though there were also fans, like Jenny Milkowski. She clearly loves pickles, because she has a cat named after them.

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If you want a more palatable stuffed-pickle idea, you might try the pickle sub sandwich. Or use pickle slices around a hot dog instead of a bun. Or try a pickle boat filled with cream cheese and dill dip.

Would eat try a Snickle?