Speaking Frankly With Frankly Organic Vodka Co-Founder Kristen Risk

Frankly Organic Vodkas with Frankly Fizz, featured image

Made with real, organic ingredients that have functional purposes, Frankly Vodka is a new take on the category.

The line of five expressions, four flavored and one classic vodka, are complex, layered, and easy to work with alone or in cocktails. We had the chance to catch up with Frankly Vodka Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Kristen Risk, in our latest issue. The story of the brand was so exciting we had to share the full interview!

Frankly Organic Top 3 Varieties with Frankly Fizz

Frankly Organic Top 3 Varieties with Frankly Fizz

Please tell us about the name, packaging, and label for Frankly Vodka. What inspired each?

To live frankly is to live honestly. Our packaging is intentionally clear, contemporary and conversational, we’re not preachy, not goofy, but straightforwardly appealing to a range of audiences drawn to strong ideas and transparent sips. It was Franky’s mission to create a vodka where functional ingredients and transparency shined bright. Our label has won four design awards globally.

To live Frankly is to live honestly. Tell us more about this motto. 

Crafting our vodkas with USDA certified organic ingredients coupled with having an ingredient list and nutritional label for full transparency is Frankly’s ethos.

Talk to us a bit about the brand. 

The brand was inspired by a wellness shot. We wanted to craft a ‘better-for-you’ vodka that used functional ingredients like turmeric root, maca root, wild cherry bark and ginger root to create deep flavored profiles, all while being mindful. Why do you think the market was ripe to welcome Frankly Vodka (given the saturated vodka category today)? The category does not currently have a vodka that possesses the same characteristics of Frankly. Today’s demanding consumers want a better-for-you cocktail without sacrificing authentic flavor. Millennials and LOHAS resonate with sustainable crafted consumer products and philanthropic efforts, we do both.

Kristen & Philip

Kristen & Philip

What makes Frankly stand out? 

Frankly stands out for a myriad of reasons: Organic ingredients (no synthetic pesticides), functional ingredients, ingredient transparency, no refined sugars, no artificial flavors or colors, non-GMO seeds, gluten-free, Kosher certified, organic certified, lower ABV on flavors, ready to sip, award-winning, supports organic farmers and organic agriculture practices (better for the environment…everyone talks about global warming, we are doing our part!), philanthropic mission of donating 1 % of revenue to animal welfare organizations. Frankly resonates with consumers for these varying differentiating factors. What’s not to love?

Tell us a bit more about the wellness shot and conscious cocktails.

At the time of researching the category, my husband an I were running marathons and working out regularly which always ended with a healthy and functional wellness shot. We really never gave much thought to what was in our week-end cocktails until we learned that there is rarely transparency in the industry, so we set out to change that. The TTB does not mandate ingredient labeling, we think consumers have the right to know what they are consuming and frankly, we feel proud of what’s in our vodkas. We call them conscious cocktails.

What would you like bartenders to know about Frankly? 

Bartenders love the versatility of Frankly Organic. You can serve them neat, splash of soda water, or simply use as a regular vodka, the only difference is your cocktail will be tastier due to the depth of flavor profiles.

What about mixing with Frankly Vodka?

What are some other ingredients bartender should keep in mind when mixing? Simple is better, fresh citrus, a liquor or fresh herbal syrup.

Tell us about the “organic” certification and the culture of sustainability for your brand. Why was this important? 

Organic Certification is a stringent process that ensures all our raw ingredients are grown with no genetically modified seeds and are absent of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Our farms utilize sustainable farming practices which contribute positively to our environment.

Tell us about Frankly’s giving back to the community aspect.

Compassion and respect for animals is Frankly’s philanthropic mission, called Frankly❤Fido. We donate 1 % of revenue to animal welfare organizations.

Frankly donates a portion of profits to support animal welfare

Frankly donates a portion of profits to support animal welfare

What should bartenders know about the 4 flavor profiles. Anything you’d like to share about the ingredients/distilling processes/water? 

Our four flavor profiles are crafted with organic fruits, roots, and botanicals for award-winning taste. We distill our vodka five times and slow filter for a smooth taste. Frankly Organic Grapefruit Vodka is warm and well-balanced with ruby red grapefruits, Ceylon cinnamon, and maca root. Frankly Organic Strawberry Vodka is slightly sweet with strawberries, lemon, coconut water and turmeric root. Frankly Organic Pomegranate Vodka is slightly tart with pomegranates, lemon and ginger root. And, Frankly Organic Apple Vodka is complex with apples, ginger, and a kick of cayenne. There is truly a profile for everyone (even whiskey drinkers can appreciate the Apple varietal, due to its complexity).

In a sentence or two – how can bartenders best describe Frankly Vodka to guests?

Layers of flavor on the palate. Flavored vodkas often are not admired, that’s because most brands use a singular extract to flavor one standalone flavor. We layer with real fruits, roots, and botanicals for deep profiles.

Any new flavors or anything else coming down the pike you’d like to share?


Tell us a bit about yours and your husbands background in the industry. 

Philip and I have been in CPGs our whole lives, however not in the spirits industry. Our partner, Kent Croutcher came from the finance side of Deep Eddy and Kendall Jackson. (Please refer to Founders biographies).

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Drizly just reported Frankly has 3 top flavors that are the fastest growing flavored vodkas in the country. (sent article 6/11) We are Austin’s First Organic Vodka. Launched in September 2018 in TX and AZ, we will be in 45 states by Q1 2022. Recent News: Whole Foods National Partnership and 600 CVS stores in CA. We are in Total Wine Nationally and several regional chains. Take a look at our Where to Buy feature on our website to view our retailers. From Specs, Goody Goody, Twin Liquor, Binny’s, ABC Liquor, and some Costcos, Walmarts, Safeway, Fry’s, AJs, and so many more.

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